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Andrew Savage's Blog Posts

AllEarth Renewables - October 27, 2014

Solar provides redevelopment opportunity at former Air Force base

With the planes no longer occupying the runway, one northeastern Air Force base has found a way to reinvent itself. Solar is now powering the offices and service buildings for The Loring...

- April 16, 2014

How One State’s Net Metering Expansion Offers a Model to the Nation

While battles rage with utilities taking on both solar customers and businesses around the country, Vermont has quietly expanded its net metering program by nearly four-times without...

AllEarth Renewables - February 28, 2013

Solar is a good fit for farms

Increasing energy costs have a major effect on the bottom line for our country's farms. With electricity rates increasing annually, it has become critical to a farm’s future to do what...

- January 21, 2013

New State Study Demonstrates Net Metering Benefit for Ratepayers

The body of evidence that demonstrates the benefits of solar net metering to retail electric customers continues to grow. From California and Texas to New York and now Vermont, there...

AllEarth Renewables - December 26, 2012

Sun shines brightly for Vermont energy firm

This story was published Dec 25, 2012 in the Rutland Herald. AllEarth Renewables enters new partnerships across VT, eyes U.S. expansion By Sara Widness A Williston company that began...

AllEarth Renewables - October 01, 2012

In a partnership with Brad Pitt foundation, solar tracker greens skate park in NOLA's Lower 9th Ward

If there’s any place that understands the impacts of climate change first-hand, it’s the Katrina-flooded Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.  With the help of a new solar system, a 9th Ward...

- August 07, 2012

Making Projects Happen with Group Net Metering Policies

Almost every state in the country has net metering laws on the books. But only a few states allow a lesser-known policy that is critical for the expansion of distributed renewables,...

AllEarth Renewables - August 02, 2012

Orchard boosts sustainability by harvesting the sun with solar trackers

In 1998 when Bill Suhr bought Champlain Orchards in Shoreham, Vt. he anticipated harvesting apples, and lots of them. Suhr is now also harvesting the sun with two new 60kW solar orchards...

- May 22, 2012

Lawmakers Expand First-in-nation Solar Registration

Vermont’s pioneering solar registration program, which caught the attention of the national solar industry and policymakers last year, has been expanded. The program is providing a...

- April 19, 2012

Doubling Down to Support Renewable Energy Jobs

While in Vermont last month, President Obama called for a "doubling down" in support of clean energy.  Prior to taking the stage before thousands of Vermonters, he was introduced by...

Andrew Savage

Andrew Savage

Andrew Savage is the Chief Strategy Officer at AllEarth Renewables, manufacturer of the AllSun Tracker, where he oversees public affairs, communications, and strategic business development initiatives. He serves on the Board of Directors...

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