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October 25, 2012

BREAKING: ITC Makes Unanimous Decision on Chinese Cell & Modules

I installed a solar system using US made solar panels because I support US jobs. I am glad to see the dumping of Chinese panels stopped. Solar installers should lobby congress to get the playing field is leveled including subsidies to oil companies.


September 08, 2012

Should Solar Marketers Focus on Preaching to the Choir or to the Skeptics?

I have a solar system & it saves me about 50% of my electric costs. More important it takes a load off grid in peak usage. More attention should be made of this fact when promoting solar. It is too bad in Pennsylvania there is no effort to promote solar and require the utility companies to promote more clean energy. The subsidies I received are small potatoes compared to what is spent to create jobs which may or may not be good paying.

March 20, 2012

Vermont's Solar Deal: One Small State Makes a Big Solar Impact

Solar installers should come clean when selling solar systems. I found out afterward that the state rebate I received was subject to federal taxes which GroSolar, the solar company that sold me the system failed to mention. Now the company that bought GroSolar, Solar City when asked about this just kisses it off by saying consult your tax attorney, How many others have found out this after the fact. If the government really wants to promote solar for residences they should make state rebates non taxable. Also the township where I live charged $1200 for the permit another ripoff. These sort of things will haunt solar for years if not corredted.

March 23, 2012

Vermont's Solar Deal: One Small State Makes a Big Solar Impact

The post#5 by Mr Farren is well taken however in my post#5 I stated the township where I live charged $1200 for A permit. They hired an inspector who I was with when he inspected the finished system. He spent no more than five minutes on the job, just looked up from the ground to it on the roof and said it looked good to him. His only comment was a label on a box by one of the meters had arrow pointing incorrectly. If this is the typical inspection then I would take my chances and not have to get a permit.

April 15, 2012

Vermont's Solar Deal: One Small State Makes a Big Solar Impact

What Vermont is doing is great but when we in Pennsylvania have a coal loving governor it is unlikely we will ever come into the 21 century. I have a system that functions well but the solar credits have dropped from $300 to $25 and unlikely to get back anywhere close to where they were. This makes it a tough sell to the small individual user.

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