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May 09, 2012

Hollande Victory Signals Shift in France's Renewable Energy Policy

we expected the fall of Mr Sarkoshy. we welcome His Excellency Hollende and we wish France should love renewable Energy and Green energy and power from Nature like solar bioetc but not thro Nuclear....even india we suffer by nuclear thrust..
we are naturally worried over nuclear disasters.S.A.Alagarsamy

November 17, 2012

The Magic Word is Adipic: Looking at Verdezyne and Its Bull Markets

this is so exciting news for people like me who has big hopes on non-edible oils for biodiesel. but instead of biodiesel we wish to convert jatropha oil
and other veg oils into C6 Adipic acid....
we have cellustic ethanolproces in India..
More reaserch will pave the way to manufacture cost effective adipic acid for Nylon production...a great turning point for polymers,,,,

October 26, 2011

Welcome to 2031: Julia Hamm Presents Utility of Tomorrow

Great News from Julia Hamm ...
yes it is true 90% instead of 30%...
Iam 70 now and i will be there in 2031 in my solar palace in Red planet to review this Earthly life which i wasa part of..
i used to think how this century from 2011 to 2030 ...
how many struggles faced ...but let me live in ultimate paece with solar power ..i do not want to be in Japan in 2031 , these japanese are wonderful people who will endure anything...
best luck to solar dreams

August 31, 2011

"Be Part of Change, or Be Left Behind," Beattie Challenges Australia on Biofuels

Respected sir
I agree...As President Obama has said, 'the country that leads on clean energy, will lead the global economy in the 21st century.' We have to be part of this change, or we will be left behind. Anyone who has a look will know that, in the future, 50 percent of all new jobs will be knowledge-based. We can't afford to not be part of the technology development process, and give half the jobs away. If we do that, we'll be a just a beach, though a beautiful one. R&D is our future. If you've got just 22 million people, which is less than some cities in China or less than Southern California, you've got to use your brains.

India Biofuel History is slow and our politicians are fighting for the stashed money...Unless India is straightforward to carry out the battles on fossil oil India will be far behind...
Now one Japanese company i renered my full assitance to setup a oil mills and now they are functioning...
In fact India will becomea superpower in2025..Our Former President of India was after this Renewable Energy policy...
Thanks to Dr Manmohan sings wisdom, we havea policy of mandadtory blending 20@before 2017...but action to getover this is deadly slow...

Today Alternative fuels is a best solution,,,
I admire the services to this Industry by MR JIM..
Green Energy Promoter

May 05, 2011

Mexican Biofuels Seen Meeting 3% Blending Target In 2012

I feel very happy to read Dr Jagadeesans remarks.
we grow jatropha in India but as efforts are not enough to support farmers .Now Farmers can plant jatropha and this world will see the BIodiesel Industry as the most beneficial one..
we have lands
we have farmers
we wiill strive to show Jatropha asa success story in India...

March 15, 2011

Age Discrimination in the Clean Energy Workforce?

My Dear Friends
I find this as very intersting blog...
Iam 70 now and still working for a Japanese Investing company in india...
I feel sad to My Japanese friends as they are struck with Tsunami tragedy..
But look My CEo from Tokyo has asked me to carry on the renewable energy work tirelessly and has requested me not to waste time in mere speeches,,,
so Iam 70 plus but My Japan masters are only very young but they give me a great respects and regards
so i work maximum hours...
we manufacture Jatropha oil
we are producing monthly 50 tonnes of oil and 75 tonnes of biofertiliser
so age is not a matter for me
i will work as long as i walk
ACs Alternative Fuels Private Ltd
my web

December 03, 2010

Ethiopia Sets its Sights on Biodiesel

Ethiopia can be a world Leader in both Jatropha and caster seeds production.
we are thinking to invest in Ethipia
with best regards

March 17, 2010

Biogas Is Renewable Energy's Cinderella

I thank you for such a vivid explanation of biogas importance. we are from India. we grow Jatropha and we have oil mills ande machines were imported from USA. we have jatropha oil and cake and oilcake is toxic and suitable for methane gas generation and we think to generate power from methane biogas is a facotor to be seen as no 1 potential for renewable Energy sector...
Any research on Jatropha oil cake and methane biogas and power..
India needs a lot of power stations..
Thanks for this article
with best regards
Chief Projects Manager
ACS Alternative Fuels Private Limited
Y29 5th street

November 04, 2009

Solar Industry Emerging from the Darkness

solar energy support to small Projects like one megawhatt unit must be supported,,
In fact India can be world leader in solar Energy. But we need small but great steps today before 2010.

July 29, 2009

Video: Difficult Market Conditions Bring Innovation and Maturity to Solar PV

solar Energy will be the future. India is taking a new Direction to get this done.I am personally wish to install a minimum 300kv in my village..
Solar and wind Energy and Bioenergy will save the future.
I advocate world solar that we can help poor Nations to thrive..
I request world Bank could trigger this act towards achieving WORLD SOLAR CLUB....I am just thinking to inagurate in Chennai , a wonderful gateway to heritage India with Natural wonders are storedin to enjoy.

Indian ancient literature says Energy from 3 sources like Air , Lands, water and solar energy is much known to ancient indians. when we are children my mother who was not even schooled once , used to tell me to look at Early Sun...
solar is the golden gateway to live

July 08, 2009

Small-scale Wind Power in the UK

I will be so grateful to know more on micro solar systems and wind turbines for harnessing power. India needs such a lot of power ...
I admire UK s progress in this particular micro levels of reaching power targets.

Sornam Alagarsamy Alagarsamy

Sornam Alagarsamy Alagarsamy

as a Govt of India official i have 25 yeras of experience and 10 years of Tourism journalistic experince and i have almost visited all countries except Europe and Australia. I had been to USA two times. Now I am working in Biomass power...

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