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- January 08, 2013

French Wind Power Covers Record 10 Percent of Demand

Right at the end of last year, on 29 December, wind power in France covered a record 10% of the country’s electricity demand, the French blog “habitat durable” reported. France’s wind...

- October 18, 2012

Local communities invest in Danish wind energy

By Fiona Woo, World Future Council Winds of 60 km per hour hit us as soon as we alighted from the bus at Hvide Sande – “White Sand” – on the west coast of Denmark, home to a community-owned...

- September 20, 2012

Europe's emerging wind energy markets grow, mature markets face difficulties

By Pierre Tardieu, Co-Chair of the Policies and Markets track at EWEA 2013 Cross-posted from the European Wind Energy Association's blog Some wind energy markets across Europe are experiencing...

- August 30, 2012

European leaders need to set tougher emissions standards, says Financial Times

By Rémi Gruet, Senior Regulatory Affairs Adviser – Climate and Environment, EWEA It is hard to think of a newspaper more committed to free markets and hard economic facts than the Financial...

- July 26, 2012

Wind Power Will Grow by 100 TWh per Year, Says IEA

Wind power will be the second biggest contributor to global renewable electricity generation by 2017, according to a ground-breaking report by the International Energy Agency (IEA)....

- July 12, 2012

Wind Turbines Waste Much Less Energy than Fossil Fuels

Wind energy opponents who say that producing electricity using the power of the wind is not efficient would do well to take a look at a new graphic published on the Guardian’s data...

- June 21, 2012

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Five Times Higher than Wind Power Subsidies

UK newspapers have again picked-up on the issue of government subsidies to wind power saying that one Cabinet Office minister — Oliver Letwin — backs an end to subsidies to onshore...

- May 22, 2012

Leaders must recognise that wind energy can provide long term growth

Wind energy can create economic activity and jobs, while saving money – that’s one of the conclusions Christian Kjaer, CEO of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), reaches in...

- January 09, 2012

Inaccurate report disregards facts of wind energy

By Julian Scola, EWEA Communication DirectorA report published in Britain has claimed that ‘wind power is expensive and yet is not effective in cutting CO2 emissions’ and that ‘there...

- November 24, 2011

The Dutch government must seize this business opportunity

By Christian Kjaer, CEO, European Wind Energy AssociationWhen a huge business opportunity is staring you in the face, it would be foolish to look the other way.It is essential that...

Zoë Casey

Zoë Casey

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