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- May 14, 2014

80 Percent of Brits Support Renewable Energy

If you are a follower of the press and politics in the U.K. you might be forgiven for thinking that the country is against wind energy — but a new survey proves exactly the opposite. The...

- May 05, 2014

Renewable Energy Subsidies Are the Most Transparent and Visible

From direct government support to tax breaks and the cost of negative externalities like pollution, subsidies to the power sector take many different — and often hidden — forms. In...

- April 28, 2014

France: Wind Energy Is a Solution in Energy Transition

France may be the world’s most nuclear energy dependent country, but times are changing. When French President François Hollande took the reins of power in 2012 he pledged to reduce...

- July 09, 2013

Wind Energy in Brazil: The Country of the Future?

At the end of 2012, Brazil had 2.5 GW of installed wind capacity, enough to power four million households, accounting for 2 percent of national electricity consumption. In 2012 alone,...

- May 30, 2013

Polish Offshore Wind Energy Worth €17.5 Billion by 2025

Poland could be adding €17.5 billion (PLN 73.8 billion) to its economy by 2025 if it develops its offshore wind energy sector to a potential six gigawatts, a new report by Ernst & Young...

- May 24, 2013

Rising Energy Dependency Endangers Europe’s Economy

The issue of energy may have been overshadowed by that of tax at yesterday’s EU summit of Heads of State in Brussels, but its growing importance and impact on Europe’s economy is one...

- April 02, 2013

Wind Power Costs UK Consumer Just 18 Pounds a Year

While debate in the media rages on whether the UK’s green energy policies will raise electricity bills or not, Ed Davey, UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, has said...

- March 06, 2013

UK Government Needs "Plan B on Nuclear" – Wind Energy Can Rise to the Challenge

An interesting story was posted on the Guardian yesterday, saying that the UK government needs a “plan B” on nuclear power because of the danger that new reactors will not be built...

- January 29, 2013

French Favour Renewables, but Perceive High Costs

Nine in ten people in France are in favour of renewable energy, a survey published on Thursday in Le Monde’s annual special publication Le Bilan du monde found, largely because of their...

- January 28, 2013

Belgian and German Electricity Systems Keep Lights on Despite Nuclear Turn-off

Freezing temperatures in both Belgium and Germany have put both countries’ power systems to the test this week, but neither country has experienced electricity blackouts despite the...

Zoë Casey

Zoë Casey

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