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- October 10, 2014

New York-A hot bed of energy storage

The Albany Business Review has done a special issue on the energy storage industry in New York.   The highlights range from the NY BEST Commercialization Center  to GE's new fuel Cell...

- October 08, 2014

NY versus MA in Tech? Cleantech? Who wins?

New York Tech versus Massachusetts Tech. Who wins?  Unlike the Yankees and Red Sox this fall, this competition continues.    According to the Business Review and CB Insights, New York's...

- September 23, 2014

Plug Power Financing deal to push Fuel Cells forward

Fuel cell maker Plug Power has signed a deal with M&T bank which should help it get forklift trucks powered by its fuel cells into more warehouses and distribution centers.  In the...

- September 09, 2014

Solar leads cleantech but who are top solar states and companies, and tops in what?

Solar is said to be dominating new US cleantech jobs while solar manufacturers are set for record shipments in the second quarter.  Solar patents are off the charts. According to Environmental...

- September 03, 2014

IP focus:Do I need to use a trademark to reserve it with the trademark office?

The trademark system is a use based system such that to have any rights use must be made of a mark in commerce in connection with the sale of goods or services.  For goods , such as...

- August 27, 2014

GE Start up works with Community College to train workers for future Fuel Cell plant

As reported previously, GE plans to start producing solid oxide fuel cells at a new plant in Saratoga county in 2017. A pilot plant for GE's new start up  is located near Hudson Valley...

- August 11, 2014

Solar Cells Just Need To Be Layered Like A Cake?

Thin film solar cells, old-fashioned standby silicon solar cells, CIGS, CadTel (see First Solar), multi-junction cells....the list goes on as solar cell materials get more exotic. There...

- August 07, 2014

IP Focus: Tesla finally claims its own name.

 In an off again, on again, off again story, Tesla appears to have finally settled its dispute in China over its flagship trademark. Tesla's troubles  had appeared to be over before...

- July 29, 2014

IP Focus: Is your Cleantech invention software or a business method? Getting a patent may have just gotten harder.

On June 25th, the USPTO provided its examiners with preliminary guidelines for analyzing patent applications that contain “abstract ideas.”  What is an abstract idea?  The Supreme Court...

- July 23, 2014

GE announces Fuel Cell plant -Innovation grows in New York Cleantech

GE will build a Solid Oxide fuel cell plant in Saratoga County, NY to take advantage of research performed at GE's R& D Center in Niskayuna according to the Business Review.  GE has...

Victor Cardona

Victor Cardona

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