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- December 12, 2013

Holiday Shopping Deal on Geothermal Shares

Holders of Ram Power Corp. (TSX:RPG, OTC:RAMPF) on November 26 (the “record date”) recieved valuable coupons as the result of the company’s rights offering, announced November 18th....

- December 10, 2013

Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2013: Lessons Learned

As we come into the final stretch of 2013, my annual model portfolio of Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2013 looks certain to break its five year winning streak of beating its industry...

- December 05, 2013

Your Solar Panels Aren't Facing the Wrong Way

A recent report from the Pecan Street Research Institute started a chain of articles with increasingly inaccurate conclusions.

- November 26, 2013

Earnings Season for Ten Clean Energy Stocks

The third quarter earnings season has been quite eventful for my Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2013 and six alternative picks model portfolios, so much so that writing about them has...

- November 11, 2013

Four Green Dividend Stocks that IPO'd In 2013

Canada’s stock exchanges have long had the lead as the place for energy infrastructure companies to list. This includes green energy, as well as the fossil fueled sort. Because Canada’s...

- November 04, 2013

Solar Income, Really?

NRG Yield (NYSE:NYLD) was spun out of its parent, NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NRG) in July, and has since been greeted with enthusiasm by investors. The stock priced at $22, 10 percent over...

- October 28, 2013

Sunny Climate for Solar Income Up North

In a rational world, the sunniest places would have the warmest reception for solar technology and investment. While solar is having its day in the sun in Hawaii, state incentives make...

- October 18, 2013

Six Weeks, Twelve Clean Energy Stocks

It's been a busy six weeks since I last updated readers on the news events driving my Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2013 and six alternative picks. I looked into the performance of the...

- October 09, 2013

Q3 Portfolio Review: A Bottom For Clean Energy Developers?

In the third quarter, clean energy stocks in general continued their upward trend, turning in a 27 percent gain for the quarter and a 64 percent gain for the year as a whole, as measured...

- October 01, 2013

Graphene Stock Investing: What The Pros Think

Graphene is a crystalline form of carbon in which carbon atoms are arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern. It is very strong, light, and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity....

Tom Konrad

Tom Konrad

Tom Konrad is a private money manager and freelance writer focused on Peak Oil and Climate Change as investment themes. He manages portfolios for individual clients and is Head of Research for the JPS Green Economy Fund (,...

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