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- October 03, 2013

AB 327: Solar Friend or Foe?

Recently-amended energy bill, AB 327, awaits signature from Governor Brown Just a couple of months ago, California Assembly Bill 327 was met with fierce criticism from solar advocates...

- March 14, 2013

Support Equitable Access to Solar Energy

Should solar energy only be accessible to those who can afford to invest in a solar system?   The California Solar Initiative (CSI) has created financial incentives to encourage California...

- November 06, 2012

Numbers Don't Lie: National Solar Employment Growing

It has become increasingly difficult to lump the entire solar industry into the "Solyndra" category since last September.  On Friday, The Solar Foundation's 2012 Census Press Release...

- October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Leaves 6 Million Without Power

You've heard about the devastating effects of the hurricane on the northeast of the United States.  Brutal 80-90 mph winds swept across the east coast, hazardous saltwater flooded New...

- October 26, 2012

Siemens is Still in Solar

If you were to google "siemens solar" right now, you'd probably see a headlines regarding Siemens' dwindling role in the solar industry.  Though many of articles seem to imply that...

- October 18, 2012

Federal Tax Credit for Residential Solar

At, we are often asked about the federal tax credits that apply to customers who use solar electric systems to power their homes.  Though we're not tax experts, we've...

- October 10, 2012

Cross-Mating PV Connectors

DIY Solar Tip:  Why cross-mating may not be the best idea. There are over thirty other connector manufacturers in the PV industry today: Amphenol, Weiland, Radox, Tyco, Bizlink, and...

- September 26, 2012

What's the Smart Grid?

Just in the last two decades, we've seen our daily communications progress from landlines and pagers to smartphones.  Though much of our day-to-day technology has been dramatically...

- September 19, 2012

Climate Change: Truth in the Information Age

This post will be a bit different from others.  I invite you to explore the complicated intersection of truth, opinion, the age of information, and our cultural expectations of science.  ...

- September 10, 2012

California Community Solar Bill Dies

Senate Bill 843, legislation that would have extended the benefits of renewable energy to millions of Californians, died last Friday in the state's Assembly Committee on Utilities and...

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

I believe in a future that’s powered by clean energy. Working in the solar industry, I feel like I’m part of a coalition to help renewable energy become mainstream. "Idealist" should not be a dirty word.

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