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Tam Hunt's Articles

- January 09, 2014

FERC Adopts New California Fast Track Interconnection Rules Nation-wide

California did it again — it led the nation on a key environmental issue. In this case, FERC (the Federal Energy Regulation Commission) adopted key aspects of California’s new interconnection...

- December 16, 2013

Are Electric Vehicles Already Halfway to Market Dominance?

Electric vehicles have been all the rage in the last few years, but those who have studied EVs and their history know that this isn’t the first go-round at the rodeo for this “new”...

- October 31, 2013

Crowdsourcing Energy: A Case for Feed-in Tariffs

Crowdsourcing is taking off in almost every area one can imagine – including energy. In fact, energy was one of the first areas to be crowdsourced, but under the very unsexy name, “feed-in...

- July 24, 2013

What Will Replace the California Solar Initiative?

No one can really debate that the California Solar Initiative, a 3,000-MW solar program started in 2007, has been very successful. In fact, the utility customer portion of the program...

- July 05, 2013

Is Obama Setting Real Climate Goals?

President Obama followed up in June of this year on the promise of his second inaugural address by announcing the President’s Climate Action Plan. Obama’s June address received much...

- February 07, 2013

How Obama Should Tackle Climate Change and Energy Independence in His Second Term

President Obama has already provided climate change and energy issues a prominent place in his second term rhetoric, giving climate change and the environment the most space of all...

- September 26, 2012

View: California Newspaper Gets the Facts Wrong on Renewable Energy

Yet again, the Los Angeles Times has published an attack on renewable energy masquerading as journalism. The front-page Friday article, "Taxpayers, Ratepayers Will Fund California Solar...

- July 05, 2012

The Future of Nuclear Power in California

It's not been a good year for nuclear power. A federal court recently found that local storage solutions for nuclear waste, kept currently at each power plant where the waste is produced,...

- March 12, 2012

Toward Energy Literacy: Our "Peak Oil" Reality

"Energy literacy" and "peak oil literacy" should be requirements for pundits – and for citizens more generally. I've followed these issues for many years now, and the poor energy knowledge...

- December 21, 2011

The Decline and Fall of the Oil Age

The decline and fall of the Oil Age is upon us. Its faint outlines are becoming clear as the reality of sustained high oil prices sets in and new technologies appear at an increasingly...

Tam Hunt

Tam Hunt

Tam Hunt is managing member of Community Renewable Solutions LLC, a renewable consulting and project development company focused on community-scale wind and solar. He is also a lecturer at UC Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental...

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