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- May 21, 2014

Texas Wind Boosted with Improved Public Planning

Texas might not be the first state you think of for best practices in government planning. But it turns out Texas wind development success is due in great part to excellent planning...

- January 17, 2014

Utility-scale Solar Energy Myths Debunked by Industry Insider

An interview with SolarReserve CEO Kevin Smith may put to rest some of the more common misconceptions held about how renewable energy actually works in practice at utility scale.

- October 29, 2013

US Solar Surge: Flipping Switches on a Hoover Dam of Utility-scale Concentrated Solar Power

During this month’s U.S. government shutdown, an astonishing 1.3 GW of CSP began commercial operation, thanks to the Department of Energy’s former loan guarantee program for clean energy....

- July 01, 2013

California’s Invisible Solar Problem

What if grid operators were unable to track the energy generation from a 2.7-GW solar project – the equivalent of several nuclear plants? Imagine the difficulties they would face.

- June 07, 2013

Climate Policies in Coal-Dependent Australia Leading to Surging Wind Development

Australia’s wind development is driven by clean energy mandates, but the Gillard government's carbon tax has rendered building new coal plants non-competitive. Export policies for fossil...

- May 22, 2013

Despite Fears, New Renewables Are Not Bankrupting California

Until recently, the potential rate impact of all the new contracts for renewable energy being added to meet California's Renewable Portfolio Standard since 2006 has been a matter of...

- April 25, 2013

Replacing Diesel with Renewables: Negotiations for a 1-MW Wave Project at Tongatapu

Currently IRENA estimates that small Pacific Island nations are expected to account for 17 percent of all new renewables built globally over the next 5 years. Renewable energy developers...

Susan Kraemer

Susan Kraemer

Susan Kraemer reports on renewable energy for CSP Today, Wind Energy Update, PV Insider and Renewable Energy World, and has written about renewables for Cleantechnica, Green Prophet and other sites.

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