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Tor 'Solar Fred' Valenza's Blog Posts

UnThink Solar - October 04, 2013

Why We “Tweet up” at SPI

Since 2009 at SPI in Anaheim, I’ve hosted a solar “Tweet up” at Solar Power International. What’s a Tweet up? Quite simply, it’s a live gathering of solar people across the country...

UnThink Solar - September 16, 2013

What’s Your Solar Marketing Equivalent to a Flaming Moe?

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, then you may remember an episode in which Homer accidentally creates a signature drink that Moe re-brands as a “Flaming Moe.” That unique beverage makes...

UnThink Solar - September 04, 2013

How to Market Solar Energy with the Brain's Mirror Neurons

You’re watching a scary movie, and the main character is going to open that door or push that button that we all know they shouldn’t push. If you feel the character’s fear and “jump”...

UnThink Solar - August 26, 2013

The Solar Marketer’s Action Plan to Help Save Net Metering — Do It

The fight is on to save net metering in many states, but SEIA, Vote Solar, and other solar organizations can’t win these multi-front battles alone. They need the support of everyone...

UnThink Solar - August 16, 2013

Yes, He Can…Put Solar Panels Back on the White House

If you haven’t heard the big solar news, a Washington Post reporter has confirmed from an anonymous source that the Obama Administration is finally following through with Secretary...

UnThink Solar - August 12, 2013

Lost in Translation: Speaking Your Solar Customer’s Language

It’s often said that you can make only one first impression. Whether that’s meeting your in-laws for the first time, sending an email to a potential solar client, or designing a solar...

UnThink Solar - July 31, 2013

Six Basic Emotions to Market Solar: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise

A few days ago, I read a blogpost from marketing author and speaker Seth Godin about the theory that there are six basic emotions that drive people to take action. After I read it,...

UnThink Solar - July 23, 2013

The (R)evolution of Solar Battle of the Bands – Round Three

  If you don’t know about Solar Battle of the Bands, then you probably haven’t been to Intersolar North America in the last three years. Sponsored by multiple solar companies (see below),...

UnThink Solar - July 16, 2013

Solar Fred’s Introduction to Solar Guerrilla Marketing, Part 2: Qualities

There's an art to Solar Guerrilla Marketing. In Part 1 of this intro to solar guerrilla marketing, I discussed an example of good solar marketing...from a non-solar company, Nivea skin...

UnThink Solar - July 03, 2013

Solar Fred's Introduction to Solar Guerrilla Marketing, Part 1

Last week, I wrote about a missed opportunity for great solar guerrilla marketing, and people shared that post 71 times on Facebook alone. Why? Because the idea was fun, creative, surprising,...

Tor 'Solar Fred' Valenza

Tor 'Solar Fred' Valenza

Tor Valenza aka “Solar Fred” is the founder of UnThink Solar, a strategic communications firm dedicated to helping solar companies reach solar customers through innovative messaging, branding, and social media communications. Follow him...

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