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Tor 'Solar Fred' Valenza's Blog Posts

UnThink Solar - May 06, 2014

Why a Vermont Utility CEO Is Embracing Solar and Net Metering

While many utilities are producing slick commercials that devalue distributed solar, Vermont’s Green Mountain Power is completely embracing big and small solar with a giant Vermont...

UnThink Solar - April 25, 2014

Solar Fred PR Lesson: Deconstructing Xcel Energy’s “Doing Solar Right” Commercial

Public relations really is an art, and I have to hand it to Xcel Energy for creating a very nice looking commercial that — on the surface — seems to be a big luv hug to solar power!...

UnThink Solar - April 18, 2014

10 Charts that Reveal the Potential ROI for Solar Blogging

I know I write a lot about how solar companies can blog effectively, but I still see few companies truly embracing blogging. Perhaps that’s because solar marketers want to show their...

UnThink Solar - April 11, 2014

How Much Are Your Solar Facebook Fans Worth? Around $403 Each

According to a report conducted by non-solar marketing firm Syncapse, the average value of a Facebook Fan (“Like”) in 2013 was $174. Based on their methodology, the value is probably...

UnThink Solar - April 03, 2014

More Solar Marketing Webinar Goodness from SEIA

Every month, the good folks at SEIA find a hot topic and put on a free webinar and then record it for later for you to view at your leisure. Their latest topic: Content Marketing for...

UnThink Solar - March 28, 2014

Solar PR Memo to SolarWorld: Is It Time for the Win-Win-Win?

Dear SolarWorld, As a solar advocate and solar marketing consultant, I’d like to offer you some unsolicited PR and damage control advice again, this time regarding your most recent...

UnThink Solar - March 20, 2014

Solar Fred’s 7 Golden Rules of Solar Marketing

While sitting at a coffee shop the other day, I saw a young mother try to explain the Golden Rule to her 4-year-old daughter, and it struck me that solar marketing has its own set of...

UnThink Solar - March 13, 2014

Bravo to Affordable Solar for This Fun and Rewarding Solar Campaign

Often I hear the argument from solar companies that they can’t be “weird.” They can’t do a promotion with Zombies or anything outside the box and take a risk that people won’t get their...

UnThink Solar - February 28, 2014

9 Great Reasons Why Vote Solar’s Equinox Party is a Must-Attend for Anyone in Solar

If you’re any kind of solar pro, you might want to attend Vote Solar’s annual Equinox Party just because California’s Governor Jerry Brown will be there or just because it’s always...

UnThink Solar - February 20, 2014

How the CDC and Zombies Can Teach Us to Guerrilla Market Solar

In 2011, the U.S. Government’s Centers for Disease Control and Preparedness (a.k.a. “the CDC”) published a guide to prepare citizens for a potential Zombie Apocalypse. No joke. This...

Tor 'Solar Fred' Valenza

Tor 'Solar Fred' Valenza

Tor Valenza aka “Solar Fred” is the founder of UnThink Solar, a strategic communications firm dedicated to helping solar companies reach solar customers through innovative messaging, branding, and social media communications. Follow him...

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