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September 01, 2012

5 Traits of Successful Solar Social Media Community Managers

The solar industry has a huge job of educating and cultivating solar into mainstream consciousness. Effectively utilizing social media platforms is key to this mission. Thank you Tor for articulating these important points so well. No doubt that if we work together as a team on Twitter and beyond we can and will collectively achieve greatness for ourselves and our planet!

June 10, 2012

5,000 Followers and 16,500 Tweets Later, 9 Solar Marketing Lessons from Twitter

Tor - your words of wisdom are much appreciated as well as your creative leadership in the virtual and actual solar community. I believe I can safely say, the entire "Twitter Solar Tribe" thanks you for all you do!

June 07, 2012

The Sunset and Dawn of a Solar Era: Jeff Wolfe Steps Down at groSolar

Jeff - you have been a personal inspiration as I have grown my own solar business while following your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. You are a "solar staple" with clear presence at every solar event, always representing the industry with professionalism and pride. Thank you for your leadership and advancing solar into mainstream consciousness. Wishing you and your family much luck and happiness!

May 31, 2012

What Is Holding Back Solar Hot Water in the US?

Thanks Jennifer for this article. Many components can add or detract from SHW success; proper training & licensing, technology, state incentives, good marketing & public awareness as well as the price of gas to name a few.

I invite you all to participate in an upcoming #SolarChat (June 13th at 2pm EST on Twitter) where we plan on coming together and tackling these issues in a brainstorming hour long debate.

Please join us! Here's the invite to RSVP: http://solarchat-061312-eorg.eventbrite.com/

February 29, 2012

The Big Question: What Can We Hope for in the Next 12 Months?

Thank you Tildy Bayer. This is "big question" and one that we tackled as well during the last Twitter #SolarChat hosted by SEIA: http://www.ecooutfitters.net/blog/2012/02/solarchat-recap-22212-what-to-expect-from-solar-in-2012/
A large crowd of very vocal, enthusiastic solar advocates from across the solar spectrum addressed issues such as; what are the biggest challenges in 2012, what is the critical policy for 2012, best methods of banning together to advance solar on a state level and much more. The discussion was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Big challenges lie ahead but the opportunities are even larger!

Raina Russo

Raina Russo

Raina Russo is founder of #SolarChat, a think-tank utilizing the power of social media to discuss issues related to solar and renewable energy, connecting thousands of solar professionals in Twitter discussions generating an average of...

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