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Sol Systems - May 16, 2014

Will the Panel Price Bump be a Q3 Solar Deal Breaker?

Panel prices are trending up. Depending on module make, model, and the order size, the increase looks to be somewhere to the tune of 6-8 cents per watt, or a cost of 70-75 cents per...

Sol Systems - April 23, 2014

Financing Lessons Residential Solar Can Teach the Commercial and Industrial Sector

As new and old solar investors seek investment opportunities in distributed generation (DG) solar, there are a number of parallels that can be drawn between the residential and commercial...

- April 09, 2014

Webinar Invitation – Everything You Need to Know about the Massachusetts SREC II Program

The Massachusetts solar renewable energy credit (SREC) program has been critical for driving the massive solar growth in the state. However, regulatory uncertainty has loomed since...

Sol Systems - March 05, 2014

Virginia Makes Progress Toward More Favorable Solar Market

It is no secret that Virginia lags far behind in its track record on solar energy, especially compared to neighboring states such as D.C., North Carolina, and Maryland. Thanks largely...

Sol Systems - February 06, 2014

Is the Pennsylvania Solar Market on the Rebound?

Pennsylvania has long been a model of a solar renewable energy credit (SREC) market gone wrong. The market was (and still is) four times oversupplied, and SREC prices fell to $20 in...

Sol Systems - January 30, 2014

Why the New Jersey Solar Market Just Got Hot Again

New Jersey has long been a cautionary tale of the boom and bust cycles of solar renewable energy credit (SREC) programs. In 2009, New Jersey’s SREC values were close to $700 per megawatt...

Sara Rafalson

Sara Rafalson

Sara Rafalson manages accounts for Sol Systems’ network of over 3,000 residential and small commercial customers. Additionally, she manages SREC installer partnerships and is responsible for Sol Systems' marketing and communications efforts....

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