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- May 01, 2012

Renewable Energy Generation is Big Business in Kenya

Take an exponentially rising need for clean, reliable energy; add a new renewable energy feed-in tariff (REFITT); and then consider erratic weather conditions that have affected over-relied...

- April 24, 2012

Unlocking the Gigawatts of Geothermal Power in Kenya

Two companies leading in geothermal power exploration in Kenya have signed multimillion deals with development partners giving a major boost to the country's prospects of realizing...

- February 20, 2012

Innovation and Diversification Are Key for Kenya's Renewable Energy Industry

Decentralizing and diversifying renewable energy power generation technologies could be the panacea to save Kenyans from unreliable and expensive power supplied by hydro and thermal...

Peter Kahare

Peter Kahare

I am a freelance journalist based in Kenya, East Africa. My writing career spans across 6 years now and i write on a wide range of topics, specifically i write about renewable energy and development. I am published locally and on several...

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