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May 26, 2013

The Copycat Syndrome, Innovation and Not Giving Up

From Paula Mints, SPV Market Research -- Just to clarify, unfortunately there is a mistake in my title -- I left Navigant at the end of October 2012 and founded SPV Market Research. I am not affiliated in any way with Navigant and do not provide any research products to them. SPV Market Research is a solar MR practice that dates back to the mid-1970s and has its roots in Strategies Unlimited. My work solar MR began in 1997 and pre-dates my tenure at Navigant.
Please contact me at for information about SPV Market Research reports and custom research projects.

Paula Mints

Paula Mints

SPV Market Research is a classic solar market research practice focused on gathering data through primary research and providing analyses of the global solar industry. Areas of expertise include PV technologies, markets and applications....

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