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- March 20, 2015

Who’s on First, What’s on Second and Why It Does and Does Not Matter

Sizing the supply side of the global PV industry has never been easy. As annual shipments grew to gigawatt heights outsourcing increased in tandem making it almost impossible to settle...

- February 12, 2015

The Top Ten PV Manufacturers in 2014 and Why This List Can Lack Meaning

Every year at this time lists of lessons learned during the previous year give way to lists of top ten PV manufacturers. It’s time to ask what these lists mean, and whether they have...

- January 01, 2015

Goodbye to 2014 and 10 Things to Look Out for in 2015

It is that out with the old, in with the new, first-month-of-the-New-Year-when-anything-is-possible time again. The following list offers some cautions about the many announcements...

- November 14, 2014

Levelized Cost of Electricity Models: The Good, The Bad and the Potential for Bias

LCOE — levelized cost of electricity — is an unstandardized model used by governments, companies, consultants and others to make an economic assessment of the cost of generating electricity...

- November 04, 2014

Despite Everything, 2014 Is Another Growth Year for Solar PV

It’s nearing the end of another wild year for the photovoltaic industry and at least publically, spirits remain high and this is despite some current and some upcoming changes.

- September 03, 2014

The Inevitability of Solar

Things are bad for those who breathe air these days, and things will probably get a lot worse before a change in behavior is forced upon humankind. This is because despite demonstrable...

- August 06, 2014

How the Don Quixote Principle Drives Solar

For decades the photovoltaic industry has been driven by its beliefs, hopes, the availability of incentives, and what it is willing to ignore in terms of market realities and technological...

- July 02, 2014

The Rise of the Residential Solar PV Customer

Residential solar is booming in the U.S., driven primarily by the lease/power buying business model. This model appeals to the energy consumer’s desire for a degree of independence...

- May 15, 2014

The Solar PV Shipment Shell Game

Outsourcing has been a common practice in the photovoltaic industry since…always. Ignoring it in favor of reporting higher shipment numbers has been a common practice since…always....

- April 07, 2014

April Fools, Magical Thinking, and PV Manufacturer Shipment Announcements

The good news: PV industry shipments of in-house manufacturer production grew by 30 percent in 2013 over 2012 to 33.8-GWp and manufacturer inventory decreased.

Paula Mints

Paula Mints

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