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- February 10, 2011

Green-Job Search Advice: How to Maximize Your Opportunities

Getting a job in the clean energy industry (or, in my experience, the solar industry) isn’t necessarily easy. Most technology-heavy firms tend to have one or two business people for...

- November 16, 2010

The Efficiency Race: How do CdTe and CIGS Stack up?

CdTe and CIGS are the two new kids on the block for thin-film solar.  Both technologies promise rock-bottom manufacturing prices, and respectable efficiencies (10% or greater).  First...

- November 08, 2010

Not All Solar Applications are Created Equal

So far I’ve shown a basic iso-IRR curve (in the earlier post “Low-efficiency penalty”) to get a sense for the penalty that low-efficiency modules have to pay.  (The quick overview:...

- November 01, 2010

The Low-Efficiency Penalty in Solar

“Dollar per watt” can be a misleading number.  For those who aren’t familiar, if you sell a 150-watt module for $300, that’s $2/watt.  Pretty simple. However, even though it’s a common...

- September 15, 2010

A New Metric: Burdened LCOE

Renewable energy isn’t yet competitive with fossil fuels.  I don't think that's news.  However, it’s an unfair fight.  And I’m not talking about carbon pricing (which would be nice). ...

- August 18, 2010

Demystifying LCOE

Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) is a valuable metric.  LCOE allocates the costs of an energy plant across its useful life, to give an effective price per each unit of energy (kWh). ...

Paul Grana

Paul Grana

I am a co-founder with Folsom Labs, a design and performance modeling application for solar PV plants. I previously worked in DC power optimizers (Tigo Energy), and PV modules (Abound Solar). I also maintain a solar-focused blog:

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