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Michael Mendelsohn's Articles

- May 13, 2014

Tapping Underserved Solar Markets: Can We Extend Solar into Customer Sectors with Lower or No Credit?

Distributed solar deployment is often a game of off-taker credit. That is, behind-the-meter project success depends largely on whether the end-use customer has credit sufficient to...

- October 28, 2013

Are Utilities Missing an Opportunity to Finance Solar and Storage?

It's an exciting time for the solar industry. Deployment is up sharply — photovoltaics (PV) alone have seen 73 percent annual growth, on average, from 2000 through 2012, and costs are...

- June 24, 2013

Public Capital Vehicles Could Expand Renewable Energy's Access to Low-Cost, Abundant Financing

Improving the availability of capital to renewable energy projects represents a critical component to lowering the overall cost and scaling the adoption of renewable energy technologies....

- May 27, 2013

A Transition to a Securitized Market: Can Credit Enhancements Leverage Solar Investment?

How does the solar industry transition from the current project-based financing structure to one where more capital is available at faster speed and lower cost? That was the question...

- February 20, 2013

Recapture Rapture: Can Revised Tax Credit Policies Attract More Capital to Solar?

For developers trying to monetize the federal tax benefits for a given project, finding a tax equity partner can be a lonely process. Tax equity investors consist of a limited pool...

- November 29, 2012

Who Needs Third-Party Finance? Loan Programs Offer Low-Cost Direct Ownership Opportunities

Direct ownership of solar systems offers an array of benefits generally not available to third-party finance. And new loan programs are making it easier to achieve that goal.

- November 14, 2012

Does RPS Still Run the Renewable Energy Engines?

Renewable energy deployment has increased in recent years thanks to two primary turbo chargers: federal tax policies that incentivize investment and state renewable portfolio standards...

- November 13, 2012

How Do We Lower Solar Installation Costs: Standardize and Harmonize

Soft costs can be pretty tough. The cost of solar installations can be generally separated into "hard" costs — representing primary components such as modules, racking, inverters —...

- October 25, 2012

How Much Do U.S. Tax Benefits Cost per kWh of Solar Production?

Many frequently wonder: what is the cost to the taxpayer/ratepayer of the various benefits (federal, state, utility) bestowed on renewable energy projects, and is there a more cost-effective...

- June 12, 2012

Where Did All the Solar Go? Calculating Total U.S. Solar Energy Production

Good data can be hard to come by. Let's take solar production data. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), solar electricity production facilities — including photovoltaic...

Michael Mendelsohn

Michael Mendelsohn

Michael Mendelsohn is a Senior Analyst with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s project finance team and expert in PV and CSP financing. His expertise spans 20 years and encompasses various aspects of renewable energy technologies,...

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