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September 05, 2012

Why Isn't the Deep South Green? Or Is It?

So in his book, 'Why America Failed', Morris Berman offers an interesting analysis of the cultural difference in the south; an orientation to being...living life from a place of integration with the land and community that is different from the industrialized north's need to progress. It is interesting (at least to me) to consider this particular angle on the article's topic. It begs the question, again and again, is green enough? Is our understanding of renewable and efficiency enough?
What can we learn from the perspective (and integrate) that it is industrial activity itself that is at the core of the challenges in the world today? And how do southerners' actions (or lack thereof) reflect an innate understanding of this tension in which we continue to attempt to solve the problems created by one way of thinking with the same kind of thinking (to paraphrase Einstein, always a safe bet I assume?). So, perhaps to put it more straightforwardly, in addition to thinking about how to get southerners to do this or that, we might also ask, what can we learn from them.

Michael Harris

Michael Harris

Connecticut licensed engineer and owner of Harris Management Services, LLC. 25 years experience in mechancial/energy engineering, project development and strategic development.

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