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Mahesh Bhave's Articles

- November 12, 2013

Merge the Ministries of Power and Renewable Energy in India

Can India leverage the dramatic changes occurring in the electric utilities industry, and rid itself of electricity shortages? Yes, it can leapfrog the traditional coal-based power...

- March 15, 2013

Microgrids by Mail Can Contribute to Rural Electrification

With policy focus, creative use of technology, and good management, minigrids can deliver 100 percent electrification for the ~1.5 billion mostly rural people worldwide — affordably,...

- November 06, 2012

Solar Power, Amul Style: Existing Model Can Be Extended to Rural Solar Generation

Could the Amul milk cooperative success serve as a model for solar-based electricity in rural India? The "white" revolution can extend to the "light" revolution for 400 million Indians...

- August 17, 2012

Writing on the Roof: Competition for Electric Utilities

Suddenly, electricity appears too important to be managed by traditional electric utilities alone. The barriers to entry have fallen; a large number of new and old companies have entered...

- August 02, 2012

Sunlight Goes To Waste: India's Grid Failure

India's recent electric grid failure on July 30 and 31 has been determined the world's largest blackout. This event will no doubt spur some movement toward efficiency and discipline....

- June 14, 2012

Smarter Grid Linking Solar Panels May Bypass Utilities

I doubt that electricity is fundamentally a wide-area networking service. At first glance, this statement appears absurd. Like telephony or the Internet, electricity enters our homes...

- March 21, 2012

Renewable Energy in Business Schools: Apply an Investment Focus

Renewable Energy (RE) will likely enter business schools under the banner of sustainability. Good though this is, managing energy in all forms increasingly belongs in business strategy...

- December 07, 2011

The Innovation Imperative Part 2: ICT Companies as Electric Utilities Means Opportunity for India

In my previous article in REW on the innovation imperative, I argued that ICT companies are well positioned to be next generation electric utilities, especially in the renewable energy...

- November 30, 2011

The Innovation Imperative Part 1: ICT Companies as Electric Utilities of the Future

Dag Hammarskjold's quote, "Not to encumber the earth. No pathetic 'Excelsior!' but just this: not to encumber the earth," may well serve as the motto of the growing sustainability movement....

- April 12, 2011

A Nobel Prize for Renewable Energy

President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was conferred in anticipation of the future good he would do more than for deeds he had already accomplished. Can there not be a Nobel Prize in physics...

Mahesh Bhave

Mahesh Bhave

Mahesh Bhave is a Visiting Professor of Strategy at Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, India since Fall 2010. His home is San Diego. He has worked in product management, strategy, and business development positions at Hughes, Sprint,...

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