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Mike Casey's Blog Posts

- June 12, 2013

Richard Caperton: Leveling the Playing Field Between Dirty and Clean Energy

We recently hosted nationally recognized energy finance expert Richard Caperton for our ongoing Scaling Green's Communicating Energy lecture series. We’ve posted the curtain raiser...

- June 07, 2013

Guiding us through the alphabet soup of stuff that matters to clean energy: Richard Caperton talks MLPs vs. the PTC and the ITC

Cross posted from Scaling Green.   We recently posted the first installment in a series of articles from our conversation with nationally recognized energy finance expert Richard Caperton....

- August 15, 2012

The Matt Wald Decoder Ring – Scaling Green Version

Ever read Pro PR Tips? The posts, from long-time technology and business writer Rafe Needleman, are like a slasher film on bad PR tactics. They serve as the equivalent of the grisly,...

- May 02, 2012

Exxon's Big Bet on Shale Gas Won't Pay Off if Clean Energy Scales

For several years now, we’ve been making the case that the clean energy industry has to dramatically scale its advocacy investment to meet an aggressive disinformation campaign trained...

- January 04, 2012

Oops: Gas Industry Study Touting Industry "Economics" Leaves Out Costs of Drinking Water Contamination

Despite spending massively to position itself as “clean,” the natural gas industry has a serious pollution problem it doesn’t want getting more public and regulatory attention. Not...

- January 03, 2012

Clean Energy Expert Tam Hunt: Rapid Clean Energy Growth Inevitable

At Scaling Green, we periodically attempt to highlight some of the brightest, most up-and-coming stars – key industry players, thinkers, etc. - in the cleantech world. Today, we feature Tam...

- December 13, 2011

Solar Executives Rebut Fossil Fuel Industry Attacks

Back in October, my Tigercomm colleague Mark Sokolove and I took Scaling Green’s Communicating Energy lecture series on the road to the Solar Power International 2011 (SPI) conference...

- November 09, 2011

Solar Industry Executives Talk About Massive Solar Jobs Growth

In mid-October, my Tigercomm colleague Mark Sokolove and I took Scaling Green’s Communicating Energy lecture series on the road to the Solar Power International 2011 (SPI) conference...

- October 19, 2011

Dallas-West African Connection Proves Solar Naysayers Dead Wrong Once Again

We find little that’s gratifying about being right about the Solyndra controversy, in which a fossil fuel-funded slice of the political class swinging wildly solar energy. These pundits...

- October 03, 2011

Mr. Morriss Gets Acquainted With Irish Confetti

Merriam-Webster: Irish Confetti – “A rock or brick used as a missile.” We recently wrote about professional clean energy critic Andrew Morriss being schooled by Center for American...

Mike Casey

Mike Casey

Mike Casey is the President and founder of Tigercomm, a leading U.S. cleantech PR firm with offices in Arlington, VA and San Francisco, CA. He uses his 28 years of experience in communications to counsel cleantech executives and investors....

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