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January 22, 2013

How Ready Are Europe's Grids for Solar PV Interconnection?

France's residential installations in the last years are not worth for any comment, a country which offers € 0,08 - 0,12 per kW (due to nuclear power) to their consumers is far away to support the climate change. The commercial and industrial ground-mounted installations are primarely controlled by the state owned EDF group which installed hurdles to limit investments from outside France. Sending in applications for the on-grid permit means, you get back a call with an offer to sell the rights to them. This is reality and not reflected in this PV Legal report.

December 30, 2009

Conservative French Government Again Proposes Higher Solar PV Tariffs

So far so good, but there still remains the french Energy monopoly EDF which in practice, is not interested to invite foreign investors and allow France to join the pan-european solar energy 'fast-track'. The government administration and the limits setup are the real issue to keep going.

Lutz Kohlbecher

Lutz Kohlbecher

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