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May 21, 2014

The High Cost of the Solar Middleman

This article really confuses me. A little over two years ago I had a 10.24 KW DC system installed. At the time my average electrical bill for the previous twelve months was $200 dollars per month. I leased the system with a pre-paid 20 year lease, for a net cost of $0.91 per watt.

I thought I was sizing the system for about 85% of my load. I have actually been getting about 130% of my load. My present bill is about $9.00 per month covering taxes,etc. This seems to differ from the articles contention that leases aren't cost effective.

I didn't receive any special deals that I am aware of. The Company took the tax credits and the power company incentive. My system is 32 panels @320 watts each

I would appreciate any insight as to why this wasn't a good deal.


February 17, 2013

Net Metering Debate Rages On Despite Calls For Calm

I have a 10.24 KW DC PV system that cost me a net $0.91 per watt for a 20 year prepaid lease. I won't bother you with more details then are necessary, but seeing there are obviously a number of savvy energy buffs on this thread, can anyone help me determine what a realistic ROI on the system is? My previous 12 month bill averaged $200/month.

I sized the system to provide about 85% of my load, but find I am producing over 100%. Since I understand the panels alone cost around $1.15 a watt to produce, it seems like I got a good deal. I realize this is somewhat off the subject, but I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks, John

October 04, 2011

Solar Shakeout Continues: Stirling Energy Systems Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Very Stimulating observations. I have wondered about the viability of using a 3 to 6 KW stirling coupled to a parabolic trough through a heat pipe. The lower profile could be more acceptable for residential use. Any thoughts?

John Crane

John Crane

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