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- April 14, 2015

Finally! US EPA Proposes Timelines for Finalizing Renewable Fuel Standard Volumes

In Washington, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a proposed consent decree in litigation brought against EPA by, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American...

- April 10, 2015

Iowa and the Renewable Fuel Standard

A native of Leland, Governor Terry Branstad was elected to the Iowa House in 1972, ’74 and ’76, and elected as Iowa’s lieutenant governor in 1978. He was Iowa’s longest-serving governor,...

- March 11, 2015

A New Path to Affordable Jet Fuel?

From Oklahoma we’ve heard that Emerging Fuels Technology will begin licensing an innovative new technology that significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing renewable fuels from...

- March 02, 2015

The Food Waste Debacle

Last week there was a Fast Food industry fly-in to DC — arguing for a repeal of the Renewable Fuel Standard on the grounds of food price impact. Politico reports:

- February 19, 2015

BioBears: Who’s Shorting What in the Advanced Bioenergy Financial Market?

In investing there are the longs and the shorts — while most investors take “long” positions, simply owning stocks and bonds, many traders “go short” when they think the stock is overvalued...

- February 06, 2015

Biobatteries: Taking Battery Technology to the Next Level

If you’ve been following the long-standing competition between electric and fuel-powered cars, you’ll know the basics. That electric motors have better efficiency than internal combustion...

- January 19, 2015

Er, About That Stunning Improvement in Biofuels Enzyme Performance…

There’s been a tremendous buzz in the neo-scientific press in recent days over reports of an “Enzyme That Could Create Biofuels 14 Times Faster than Current Methods.” Fairly robust...

- January 09, 2015

The US Department of Energy's Shifting Worldview for Biofuels Deployment, Now through 2030

Twice this year, the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Bioenergy Technologies Office has issued a revision of its ongoing Multi-Year Program Plan, once this summer around the time of...

- January 06, 2015

The 41 Weirdest Things Ever Used to Make Biofuels

If you're only an occasional reader in the world of biofuels, corn, sugarcane and veggie oils are the raw materials you’ll have heard the most about — lately, perhaps more about cellulosic...

- January 02, 2015

What Does $60 Oil Mean for the Biofuel Industry?

As if tough financing conditions and policy instability weren’t worrying enough for many observers, along comes a crash in global oil prices.

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