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Jennifer Runyon's Blog Posts

- November 27, 2012

The Solar Industry Waves Goodbye To One of Its Biggest Advocates

I was saddened to hear the news that Larry Hagman, the former star of the hit TV show “Dallas” had died over the weekend.  Hagman, whom I interviewed in 2010 at Intersolar North America,...

- August 01, 2012

Time To Honor the Great Renewable Energy Projects

There is nothing more important than celebrating the victories of an emerging industry. The wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydropower industries have been putting projects online...

- June 29, 2012

New York State Encouraging Big Renewables

In the future, the state of New York won’t be known only for its world-famous city and picturesque northern landscape, rather it may soon also be known for its renewable energy projects....

- June 22, 2012

Is Ocean Energy More Than "A Very Expensive Hobby"?

That was the question posed to industry experts at the EnergyOcean International conference and exhibition that took place in Danvers, Mass., this week. Referring to three levels of...

- May 31, 2012

Social Networking Is Great, But it Doesn't Beat Socializing…And Networking

I’m a big fan of social media, especially as a business-to-business publication editor.  Through, our Facebook page, my Twitter account, the REWorld Twitter...

- May 25, 2012

What Is Holding Back Solar Hot Water in the US?

Solar hot water has been a commercialized technology for many, many years now. It had its heyday back in the 1980s when it seemed like everyone was putting a system on his or her roof....

- February 29, 2012

Renewable Energy Industry Leaps into Mainstream Power Generation

It’s a leap year and I am writing this on February 29th.  This year we have one extra day to make our work count.  It’s exciting and invigorating to me.  There’s another exciting and...

- January 16, 2012

When We Struggle, We Learn

If there was one key takeaway from the most recent and Solar Power-gen webcast it was that the year ahead will be difficult for large-scale solar power development...

- December 12, 2011

Baby Steps in Climate Negotiations are Still Steps in the Right Direction

I wasn’t able to attend the [frustrating] climate change talks in Durban, South Africa this year, although I would have loved to. South Africa is an incredible place to visit. I say...

- October 24, 2011

Women in Solar Breakfast Continues To Inspire

For the second year in a row at Solar Power International, professional women in the solar industry gathered to network, eat and listen to presentations at the Women in Solar Breakfast....

Jennifer Runyon

Jennifer Runyon

Jennifer Runyon is chief editor of and Renewable Energy World magazine, coordinating, writing and/or editing columns, features, news stories and blogs for the publications. She also serves as conference chair of...

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