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- November 05, 2013

Renewable Energy World LIVE is One Week Away

Next week, renewable energy stakeholders from all across the world, representing all facets of the industry, will head to Orlando, Florida for one of the best all-inclusive renewable...

- October 17, 2013

Solar Power International Hits “The Windy City” Next Week

Next week, the editors, salespeople, video crew and other staff members will travel to Chicago to attend the 10th Annual Solar Power International, effectively...

- September 17, 2013

The North American Hydropower Opportunity

It is no secret that many renewable energy advocates are not in favor of large hydropower. The methods that have been used in the past to create its enormous energy generating facilities...

- July 02, 2013

The Clean, Simple Solar and Storage Solution to US Utility Business Model Woes

This morning while driving into work, I heard a great interview with former United States Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu on utility business models.  While the gist of what he said...

- May 10, 2013

Connecticut Seeks to Literally Water Down its Renewable Portfolio Standard, Could it Happen in Your Region?

Since I live in New Hampshire and write about the global renewable energy industry, once in a while small local news that might appear to be of minor importance to my neighbors leaps...

- April 08, 2013

Back to Basics Video: What Is Geothermal Energy Anyway?

Geothermal energy is the Earth’s own renewable energy.  All other renewables and in fact, all other forms of energy, hinge on the sun: wind power, solar power, even fossil fuels wouldn’t...

- March 15, 2013

For Renewable Energy, Hands-on Learning Can't Be Beat

I’m a reader.  I love sitting down with a great book or an in-depth report full of charts and graphs and really digging in.  SEIA and GTM Research just released their Solar Market Insight...

- March 04, 2013

Geothermal Energy in Iceland: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Iceland is named the land of fire and ice for a good reason. It is certainly icy: temperatures hover around 10-20°F (-12 to -6°C) in the winter. But underneath that frozen earth lies...

- January 15, 2013

Solar, Solar Everywhere and Conferences That Make You Think

In 2012, the U.S. solar industry installed roughly 3.2 GW of capacity.  This was more solar power capacity than had ever been installed before. Falling PV module prices and large-scale...

- November 27, 2012

The Solar Industry Waves Goodbye To One of Its Biggest Advocates

I was saddened to hear the news that Larry Hagman, the former star of the hit TV show “Dallas” had died over the weekend.  Hagman, whom I interviewed in 2010 at Intersolar North America,...

Jennifer Runyon

Jennifer Runyon

Jennifer Runyon is chief editor of and Renewable Energy World magazine, coordinating, writing and/or editing columns, features, news stories and blogs for the publications. She also serves as conference chair of...

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