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- May 02, 2014

Big Questions: US Executives Ponder Current and Future US Renewable Energy Development

Utilities are putting a new focus on increasing the amount of renewable energy generation sources in their portfolio, both to provide the best service to their customers and to comply...

- April 02, 2014

Advancements in Wind Turbine Technology: Improving Efficiency and Reducing Cost

Wind power capacity has increased dramatically in the U.S. recently — and accompanying that, the turbines that produce it have become more powerful, more efficient and more affordable...

- January 31, 2014

Wind Turbine Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

Wind power capacity in the U.S. has been steadily climbing recently. Wind farms were the leading source of new power generation in the county in 2012, representing around $25 billion...

- September 17, 2013

Using Technology to Monitor and Maintain Wind Turbines

The use of technology in power plants to automatically monitor systems has become industry standard, which isn't a surprise in an industry working to cut the cost of every kilowatt-hour....

- May 21, 2013

Wind Turbine Lubrication and Maintenance: Protecting Investments in Renewable Energy

Like any other piece of major equipment in the power industry, wind turbines represent a large investment for the companies that rely on them to generate both electricity and revenue....

Justin Martino

Justin Martino

Justin Martino, an associate editor of Power Engineering, has a B.A. and J.D. from the University of Oklahoma. He has previously covered the Oklahoma Legislature and the Oklahoma and U.S. courts as well as regulation issues at the state...

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