Riyad M Mucadam's Comments

October 26, 2011

Solar Project Aims to Becomes Largest in West Africa

way to go Jigar...this pioneering effort will bust Africa wide open with action, while the Saharan-European dreams keep blowing rings for some time.

December 17, 2008

New Technologies Show Promise for High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Are there other ways being explored to reduce reflection at a lower cost than by developing anti-reflective coatings? i.e. by developing a surface that transmits almost all of the incident light?

September 26, 2006

Iowa State Advances Thin Film Solar Technology

can anyone comment on how these improvements in the efficiency of the thin film technology and their durability compares with the efficiency and perfomance of the micro pv concentrator modules that Pacific Solartech manufactures (does it sell the modules?-PST is listed at the REAccess site...). thanks.

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