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- May 26, 2009

Innovation and Sea Change in the Residential Solar Market

The year 2008 will go down in history as the year that bred innovation in the downstream residential solar market. The extension of the 30 percent federal tax credit and removal of...

- August 28, 2008

Bringing Solar to the Mainstream Through Customer Education

Just dealing with our daily lives keeps most of us too busy to worry about whether or not the climate is changing. We focus on getting to and from work, paying our bills, doing our...

- April 16, 2008

The Solar Industry Needs Branding To Foster Mainstream Acceptance

A number of recent articles including Dr. Boreinstein's study from UC Berkeley and a feature in the Economist questioning the cost effectiveness of solar, have sparked some serious...

- February 19, 2008

Funding Tips for Solar Entrepreneurs

I have a great idea for a solar business and I hold patents on the technology I plan to use. How do I go about getting the funding I need to get my business off the ground? -- Eric...

- January 15, 2008

Investing in Renewable Energy

Would it be possible to run a feature on the solar energy related companies with shares available on the stock market and how they've done over the past year? Many of us would like...

- December 21, 2007

How to Land a Job in the Solar Industry: Upstream vs. Downstream

A recently released report predicts that solar photovoltaic companies will see a continued steep increase in revenues from $15.6 billion last year to $69.3 billion nine years from now....

Isabelle Christensen

Isabelle Christensen

Isabelle Christensen is a seasoned solar industry sales and marketing executive. Isabelle has held global senior management positions at Fortune 100 companies such as Hewlett Packard, and fast growing ecommerce companies. She also founded...

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