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May 01, 2012

How Chinese Panels Are Impacting the European Solar Market

Over 3 million extreme poverty in Peru, people still do not have good housing or moderate comfort, do not have electricity itself. Living homes burning wood from the trees and animal feces to cook soup and fried plantains with a little cow's milk or bread and coffee is like to tell the Chinese that also please make your market in Peru Southern Highlands, the Jungle, the Andes.
The 120% increase of production of photovoltaic solar panels in China and 'zero' percent in poor countries is how to get to mourn and wonder what our leaders do not focus their eyes to our farmers and people who are all day bonding nature. I admire the Chinese and the Germans despite its apparently less progress in the market but the giants still awake to the reality of human need: Energy for families.
Eliseo Sebastian from www.eliseosebastian.com

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