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Elisa Wood's Blog Posts

- July 02, 2013

Who Cares about the Lights. I Can't Get on Facebook!

Most people don’t realize it, but their relationship with electricity is odd. Ed White, vice president of customer & business strategy for National Grid US, summed it up in a recent...

- June 25, 2013

Energy Efficiency & Competitive Secrets

Several corporate leaders have volunteered to reduce energy use 20 percent by 2020 as part of a challenge initiated by President Barack Obama. But that’s not the big deal. The big deal...

- June 21, 2013

Energy Costs: How Come Granny Is Still in Her Chair?

Granny was thrown out of her wheelchair and off a cliff in one of the most controversial ads of the 2012 U.S. presidential election. Whether you love or hate the clip, which went after...

- June 17, 2013

Food and Sleep for Energy Auditors?

The US faces a bit of a math problem when it comes to making its buildings more energy efficient. If every energy auditor worked around the clock, it would take 22 years to analyze...

- June 10, 2013

Green Enough for New York City?

When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office in January, green building advocates lose a strong ally. But they are determined to make sure his shoes are filled to their...

- May 29, 2013

Efficiency Gains Momentum...But Is the Wolf at the Door?

It says something that Ernest Moniz chose to deliver his first public talk as US energy secretary to an energy efficiency crowd. His appearance last week at EE Global in Washington,...

- May 14, 2013

Electricity Loss and Theft: Who Pays?

We fret about turning off the lights to save pennies on energy. Meanwhile, electricity worth billions of dollars gets lost or stolen on the world’s power grids every year. In industry...

- May 09, 2013

Microgrids: Coming or No?

You know that experience, when you buy a new car, and suddenly you see the model everywhere? Since Superstorm Sandy I’ve had the equivalent experience with the term ‘microgrid.’ Policymakers...

- May 02, 2013

The $40 Billion Hiding in US Buildings

A pretty big wad of money — $40 billion — is hiding somewhere inside the lights, AC, thermostats, furnaces and fans of our offices, stores, hospitals and schools. That’s the amount...

- April 23, 2013

Energy Efficiency Finds Its Cell Phone, Part II

If you’re an energy efficiency geek and your refrigerator breaks down, you probably think, “Yes! A chance to buy a new super energy-saving model.”  But you’re the exception. Most consumers...

Elisa Wood

Elisa Wood

Elisa Wood is a long-time energy writer whose work appears in many of the industry's top magazines and newsletters, among them Renewable Energy World and Platts. She serves as chief editor of Her work has been...

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