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- April 14, 2014

The Never Dull Life of a Wind Farm

A wind farm’s story is a little bit like a romantic comedy. It’s all about the buildup. We tend to rivet our attention on the development phase – the controversies over siting, the...

- March 24, 2014

How Do We Really Protect the Grid from the Bad Guys?

From David and Goliath to Luke Skywalker and the Death Star, the human race has been reminded again and again that big things have their vulnerable points. The U.S. power grid, sometimes...

- March 11, 2014

Three Years after Fukushima: Lulled into the Myth of Safety?

World sentiment seemed to steer away from nuclear energy and toward more renewables following the disaster at Japan's Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant on March 11, 2011. Three years...

- January 23, 2014

Transmission and Energy Storage 2014 Outlook: The Macro and Micro Transformation of Electric Grids

The transmission industry enters 2014 with a lot of work ahead as it continues to recreate the grid and make it more renewable energy-ready.

- November 06, 2013

Shocked into Pursuing Renewables: What Will Jolt Us Next?

Historical events have a way of jolting us – again and again and again – into the reminder that energy plays a big role in our well-being.

- September 27, 2013

Going All In with Renewable Energy

After a monster tornado wiped out Greensburg, Kansas in 2007, killing 11 people, the community decided to rebuild with meaning. It set out to become one of the world's greenest communities...

- July 12, 2013

Doing Good by Doing Solar

For those of us who live in communities traversed by power lines, it's hard to imagine life without electricity. But large swaths of the globe remain without this modern necessity....

- June 19, 2013

Japan: Solar's Real Deal?

Japan's solar market is soaring. Spurred by a generous incentive, developers are announcing mega-scale projects, investors are closing deals and manufacturers are placing orders. The...

- May 31, 2013

Finding the Green Lining when Disaster Strikes

America finds itself again rebuilding from disaster, this time from tornados in the middle states, last fall from Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast. If this is the new normal, as some...

- April 24, 2013

What Does Warren Buffett See in Solar?

Everyone wants to see inside Warren Buffett's head. One of the world's most successful investors, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is a rock star among those who check the markets before...

Elisa Wood

Elisa Wood

Elisa Wood is a long-time energy writer whose work appears in many of the industry's top magazines and newsletters. Her blog on energy efficiency appears on more than 100 sites and has been picked up by the New York Times and Reuters. She...

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