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September 09, 2013

Fueled vs Electric Cars: The Great Race Begins

looking at personal scale instead megaplant
So to Operate an EV(10.8 kwh pack) on solar one needs 2.2 kw AC solar generator
10-250w panels 11’x16’ or 176 sq.ft.

August 24, 2013

Local Permitting Makes a Bigger Difference as Solar Gets Cheap

a permit in Madera county California
is no more complicated than the graph
State of CA is ahead on this
put out couple years ago
half hour to fill out
just fill in the blanks
wire size breaker size
nothing more than NEMA requirements
in Madera county $480
state also told some counties to drop price or more
i bet a swimming pool or garage permit is same price
or you could have no building permit
and have building collapse like in Bangladesh
or roofs fly off like a hurricane in Florida
cost of permit is way more than salesman is paid for sale
or less than $500 referral solar companies give
yes Delinda is correct a solar permit is a simple piece of paper work
to make sure the customer is not gypped

August 22, 2013

Opening the Roof for Affordable Solar

Laurel could you post some links to shared solar programs found around the country?
The CA Solar low income program is pretty good
I think the best way to go is ZERO percent loans
Change Fed tax credit to upfront grant like the rural grant was
Monthly loan payment will be less than monthly utility bill
So even a not so rich person already has the money to pay loan
as they are replacing utility payment with loan payment
Solar should be decoupled from the value or appraisal of a home
As a solar system is more valuable than a home
A $20,000 solar generator is more valuable than a $20,000 car,
zero percent loans available
A Solar generator is capitol goods produces a product (electricity) that has a retail value
And it is just a electricity generator you own it you can take it with you if you move
Solar is cheap No high upfront cost.
Perfectly, reasonable to pay $40,000 Chevy pick up
or the one I like a Cadillac pick up for $63,000.
You will spend another $60,000 for gasoline in 10 years.
A swimming pool has a high upfront cost
a house is high upfront cost but buying those is reasonable
Daniel Ferra example 6 kw solar generator $5.57 watt install cost
Install cost $31,749
Fed tax credit -$9,525
You pay $22,224
Save you $2,334 a year in Electricity cost first year
Produce $208,930 retail value of electricity over 30 years
For a profit of $186,706
Value of that Cadillac pick in 30 years zero
Home value sorry but only speculation

July 17, 2013

Is Solar Cheaper than Grid Electricity? Yes and No

Buying a solar generator is a good deal
Solar lease is a rip
if you get a solar lease you are a sucker
Buy system $4.50 watt installed 2012 price with 30% fed tax subsidy produce electricity for 6 cents Kwh
Cost 5 KW DC (4.3AC) $13,592 in 30 years will produce $100,000 of electricity (California value)
$80,000 profit for electricity user
Lease 12 cent Kwh to 18 cents Kwh figure it out
the leesor makes all that money customer gets a loss
Lease turns benefit profit of customer into a profit for lease company investors
Instead of profit for millions of Americans sends that profit to a few

Utilities are subsidized by ratepayers and taxpayers
Taxpayers paid for smart meters, Fed paid for
And they are crooked for example PG&E San Bruno pipeline explosion
PG&E charged ratepayers to fix that and other pipelines the year before and did not fix it
Now they will charge them a second time
Since you don’t like subsidies for solar but like tax subsidies for everything else
Lets see..
Double what you pay for a cup of coffee at Starbucks 100% tax subsidy Offshore profit
Taxpayer subsidizing your coffee
Same GE, Apple - 100% tax subsidy Offshore profit tax subsidy
Exxon 100% tax subsidy add billions to what is paid for gas
Companies sending jobs to china tax break taxpayer subsidizing their own jobs being sent overseas
Farmers in CA central valley taxpayer pays 2/3rd of water delivery cost
Corn farmers in Midwest taxpayer direct 50% subsidy
A congress madman from Nebraska subsidy $200,000 year not to grow crops
(paid not to work)
He happens to be against subsidies for anyone else
Tax deduction interest on home when you sold your house you did not make $100,000
Because the taxpayer paid $120,000 Tax deduction subsidy for you
(Varies with price house interest)
Double price of all Nuke electricity as 50% of all federal loans to build nuke plants were never paid back to the taxpayer (Greg Palist)
5 biggest banks in US QE3 subsidy $85Billion a year they would be bankrupt without
They can not make a profit without subsidy
Since those are such good subsidies why is a subsidy for solar bad?
Everything in the US is subsidized so why not solar?
I think solar subsidies are the only good subsidies
as only one where regular person gets a cut of the loot
It seems all Americans think only billionaires should get taxpayer subsidies
Not them or their neighbor when its their money
The billionaires are not paying taxes
The Fed tax credit needs extended it would be good for all to push to extend it
The 100% tax credit for Exxon is pernamant why is solar tax credit temporary?

June 25, 2013

What Would a Solar Asset-Backed Security Look Like?

No does not decrease the retail cost to consumers
Increases cost to consumer
3 times more cost
Customer purchase system produces own power for 6 cents kwh
Lease company is a utility disguised as a lease buy power for 18 cents kwh
Buy non solar from PG&E 20 cents kwh
A purchased 4 kw AC system for $10,000
produces $120,000 of electricity in 30 years
Guaranteed for 25 years the owner makes a profit of $100,000
With a lease the customer makes almost nothing
The lease company makes $100,000
The consumer takes a big loss
You move the profit from the person with solar to the lease company
Very bad for the person with a solar system

June 18, 2013

The Collectivist Kilowatt: More Options for Community Solar

Federal 30% tax credit is available for DIY systems
Ca state rebate was available for DIY installs
entire rebate is no longer available
In Coarsegold,CA we are doing a neighborhood community solar program all DIY installs
just 4 neighbors helping each other on installs
cheap $2.66 watt will produce our own power for 3 cents a Kwh

June 11, 2013

The Coming Solar Electricity Transformation

why does solar have to be unsubsidized to compete with subsidized energy companies?
electric utilities subsidized by ratepayers taxpayers
Oil nuke coal all subsidized 20 times more than Renewables
for instance
Exxon 120% tax subsidies on what 50 billion year profit?
their executives pay less than 10 % income tax or none a subsidy
Standard Oil 100% Ca incomes tax subsidize
5 largest banks $50 billion year hand out subsidy
all nuclear plants completely subsidized
Apple 100% US tax subsidy pay zero US tax
everything in US is subsidized
so whats wrong with subsidies for solar
why ? it is wrong that a taxpayer ratepayer citizen gets a subsidy
but just fine that a corporation who has Billions of dollars in yearly profits needs gets a subsidy
and corporations that pay little or no tax and weasel out of all they can
where as regular citizen taxpayer has to pay full tax rate
i think solar subsidies are great as we get back some of our own money

June 11, 2013

Addressing Solar Panel Quality Concerns and Learning through Experience

In California no quality problem
As all panels sold and eligible for CSI Rebate
Had to be approved by CEC
manufacturer has to guarantee 80% of production for 20 years
or could not participate in rebate program
to qualify CEC tested at sandia for real world output
EPBB rated at PTC rating so de-rated say 230 w panel to 215 w
sized system to PTC AC out put
NO other product of any kind has that kind of warranty
now rebates are expired hopefully CEC will keep warranty in effect
looks like will as applying for PG&E NEM
you have to enter CEC approved panels and inverters
or go through step why using non CEC approved equipment

April 25, 2013

U.S. States Turning Against Renewable Portfolio Standards as Gas Plunges

So Alec wants to end subsidies and tax breaks for OIL, Coal, Nuclear?
Alec is completely against free markets
Wants to continue subsidizing Duke Energy Corp. and PG&E Corp. as well as Exxon Mobil Corp., the biggest U.S. oil producer, and Peabody Coal Energy Corp
Alec is those companies
Pass a law to rub out competition so makers General Electric Co. and Siemens AG to Solarcity Corp cant compete
Alec members can not compete without government welfare so they pass laws to prevent the competition
Hey can't compete? Pass a law make it illegal to compete
They say subsides are only for OIL coal nukes not for renewables
If you took the welfare away from oil coal nukes and had no subsides for renewables
oilcoalnukes could not compete
renewables are cheaper
fracking has not lowered price to the consumer my gas bill has not dropped a penny
that 72% drop in price all went to profit to oil company. Fracking done nothing good for the majority of Americans

February 16, 2013

Net Metering Debate Rages On Despite Calls For Calm

>Dennis -Yes the solar lease companies are a power provider disguised as a solar company
Power provider disguised as a lease
> John - DIY system at $2.20 watt produce your own power for 3 cents Kwh
In CA company install is at $4.50 watt produce your own power for 6 cents Kwh
Why would anyone get a lease at 16 cents kwh, a rip

>calculate that net metering's annuals benefits to ratepayers outweigh costs
Answer to Question is Yes Net metering should benefits ratepayers
Utilities cost are mostly subsidized by ratepayers, tax payer
Tax payers paid for grid
Tax payers paid for smart meters was paid for with federal tax dollars not by utility
Taxpayers paid for Nuke plants 50% of federal loans for nuke plants was never paid back
Rate payer pays decommission, taxpayer pays for insurance not utility
Hey remember San Bruno PG&E gas pipeline explosion?
The year before PG&E charged Repairs then never made repairs put money in pocket
Now charging ratepayers again!
It used to be utilities were subsidized because of that cost to ratepayer was kept to a reasonable price
Now still subsidized and charge us the highest charge they can
We used to get a deal for subsidizing utility now we get no deal

February 19, 2013

Net Metering Debate Rages On Despite Calls For Calm

Dennis don't sports complexes like other large users have to pay large stand by charges and huge demand charges?
Or do they get a deal others don't get?
I've had a couple large industrial customers that paid more in demand charges than Kwh charges
Your saying residential customers subsidize large users? Could be
Here in CA homes in Rural areas customer pays for extending utility line
New construction if 100 yards or 1 mile customer pays
And utility charges about 4 times what a contractor does
Thats on a single home, i don't know how track homes are charged
I think utilities are getting the better end of the deal on net metering
they pushing for even better deal
Solar producers are providing utility with power at peak times, utility sells to their customers at $.11 kwh to $.30 kwh
The utility does not have to produce with expensive power from peaker plant or buy on spot market the most expensive power
They trade back those Kwh from their own plants at their cheapest cost $.04 kwh or less at off peak hours or replace with power from plants they can't shut down at night so operating that plant is a loss.
Looks like utility is making a $.07 to $.26 kwh profit from solar producers

Marc Michon

Marc Michon

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