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June 08, 2014

Nuclear Giant Exelon Launches Front Group to Cover Its Assets, Undermine Renewable Energy?

This is a reply to the June 5 comment by Steven "Anonymous," who questioned my use of the word "front group."

Any way you slice it, Nuclear Matters is a front group. Exelon is paying Sloane and Company to run Nuclear Matters. The former government officials on Nuclear Matters' leadership council are functioning as spokespeople for Exelon. Even the PR industry labels Nuclear Matters a front group--and disapproves of the practice.

In any case, Anonymous, your definition of a front group is much too narrow. For a better definition of the term, see http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Front_groups .

As for the merits of my argument, I point out the weakness of Nuclear Matters' contention that we can't afford to close even one nuclear power plant if we want to adequately address global warming. In my follow-on blog on Exelon's campaign against the wind industry, I dispute Exelon's argument against the wind production tax credit. For that blog, see http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2014/06/nuclear-giant-exelon-blasts-wind-energy .

Finally, Steven, it's ironic that you didn't reveal your full name. This website should not allow anyone to hide behind "Anonymous." It is the exact same problem I have with Exelon hiding behind a front group. I am open about who I am and whose interests I represent. You should be as well.

Elliott Negin

Elliott Negin

Elliott Negin, the director of news & commentary at the Union of Concerned Scientists, was a foreign news editor at National Public Radio, the managing editor of American Journalism Review, and the editor of Nuclear Times and Public Citizen...

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