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December 24, 2011

A Cleantech VC Unconvinced of Man-made Climate Change

mafuba... Thank you. Your point is dead on with respect to the purpose of my post.

It has been just the type of reaction to anyone who questions the "certainty" that AGW exists (or does not exist) that we see here that caused me to write it in the first place.

October 05, 2010

Cleantech Stimulus Still Not Stimulating

A few thoughts/responses to some of the comments.

First, the vast majority of cleantech venture capitalists were and (most still are) very supportive of the stimulus... it is free non-dilutive cash for portfolio companies! So, the thought that I have a conflict of interest is quite absurd. If anything, the conflict is the other way in that VCs love the free money paid out of your tax dollars. Our portfolio company, Tendril Networks, will (eventually) benefit greatly from the smartgrid stimulus once it is finally spent.

Second, "obligated" funds are *not* funds that have been transferred to the recipient! This is part of the government speak. Obligated is the same as "awarded" neither of which mean funds have been transferred from the Treasury to the recipient. Such transfer only happens after a contract is in place and the company as both expended funds and then requested reimbursement for the government's portion of the project. This is often a year or more after "obligation" as the government's own data at recovery.gov shows clearly.

Last, I offer a number of specific policy solutions on my blog. This article/post was not the place for those but here are some links for those with interest.



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