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Dana Blankenhorn's Blog Posts

- December 02, 2011

Why America Will Still Win the Solar Race

As I have said before, there is deliberate bearishness about solar power, much of it coming from the fossil fuel industries.   They ignore solar economics. Install a capital good now...

- November 07, 2011

BIPV Needs Architects and Builders Through 2016

The latest findings from Lux Research on the Built-In Photovoltaic (BIPV) market indicate that we have three more years of working with architects and small builders before a mass market...

- October 06, 2011

Big Opportunity in Solar Panel Glut

There is an enormous opportunity in front of the world's entrepreneurs right now, and I'm looking to see who will take it. The opportunity lies in the current solar panel glut. Chinese...

- September 29, 2011

Lessons of Brazil's Renewables Boom

While America has spent the last decade sitting on its assets, the socialist government of Brazil has been building a renewable futurethat holds important lessons for the rest of us....

- September 15, 2011

Taking the Internet Off the Grid

Energy pessimists and fossil fuel optimists love to talk about how much juice our grid needs to run, their point being that solar and other renewable sources could never meet such demand...

- September 01, 2011

Dana's Law of Solar

The amount of solar energy in use will double every 12-18 months for as far out as I can see. It's important to put down a marker like this right now, lest the current industry shake-out get...

- July 26, 2011

Big Corporations Still Nibbling at Solar

Big corporations continue to nibble on solar energy, refusing to commit to it as their central strategy but investing intelligently, so they can move in at their own pace. The latest...

- July 18, 2011

Flexible Electronics and Printable Solar Cells

We usually think of solar in terms of panels, flat sheets of polysilicon that are connected to the electric grid, and laid on top of homes or businesses at the cost of thousands of...

- July 14, 2011

Japan's Struggle for Renewables

The Fukushima disaster shook Japan to its core. But as with Egypt's revolution earlier in the year, the result has yet to be decided. That's because the entrenched nuclear industry...

- July 05, 2011

The Solar Game Changer is Plastics

Right now solar power systems are based on either silicon oxides, like chips, or some collection of rare earths, like cadmium. These are produced in large production facilities that...

Dana Blankenhorn

Dana Blankenhorn

Dana Blankenhorn has covered business and technology since 1978. He covered the Houston oil boom of the 1970s, began making his living online in 1985, and launched the Interactive Age Daily, the first daily coverage of e-commerce, in 1994....

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