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November 24, 2011

Will President Obama Send Green Marines to Darwin?

@ GregorS: Thanks for raising fuel cells and system integration.

I am keen to see where this technology takes us. Its a great example of the military being able to drive the development of a technology that has massive civilian and humanitarian impact.

October 29, 2011

In Australia, Can Renewable Energy Get Over the Tea Party Blues?

@geoffrey-gunning-39130: Thanks for the comments and excellent quote.

I appreciate the rage you feel when you see stupidity win so often in public life, on such important issues.

@steve-buchholz-141503: HA ha, if we were in the same City we could have a good argument about global warming!

I agree with you that a pragmatic approach to the opportunity/cost of renewables favours vigorous investment, such as Australia's Clean Energy Future policy.

You have touched on a key issue for me about the decline of conservative thinking in Australia.

Contemporary conservatives fail to take a cautious, pragmatic approach to issues if they can instead find some political 'angle' to grind their opponents with. Its so tedious and irrational!

October 30, 2011

In Australia, Can Renewable Energy Get Over the Tea Party Blues?

@Bill Bugbee: The fossil fools who pull the strings in the USA are a clearly well organised bunch!

November 01, 2011

In Australia, Can Renewable Energy Get Over the Tea Party Blues?

@solar_people: That's not correct. PV is at residential grid parity now, which is a world first. Australia is the first country where PV electricity costs the same as conventional electricity for the residential consumer.

The issue now is not about rebates but about finance and access.

October 11, 2011

Australia's $1.2 Billion Clean Technology Program

Good point!

There is more in the total package, which is worth $13.2billion in direct funding. It includes a carbon price of $23/tonne during a tax phase, after which it becomes a trading scheme.

The bills will pass the Senate today so I will write an update for you all.

Dan Cass

Dan Cass

Dan Cass is a strategy advisor and Registered lobbyist for the renewable energy industry in Australia. He is the Director of Hepburn Wind. Dan has experience in the environmental movement (20 years), the Australian Greens party (15 years)...

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