Craig Shields's Articles - January 22, 2015

Top Renewable Energy Author “Bullish” on the Future

"There are many possible events that could accelerate the demise of fossil fuels—but none is required to phase them out in favor of renewables, a process that will be driven primarily... - January 07, 2012

Seeking European Renewable Energy Minds for New Book

Clean energy professionals and advocates from around the globe have availed themselves of the rational urgings proffered by Craig Shields and the host of voices illuminating the topics... - December 30, 2011

"We're Screwed": Survey Results Regarding The U.S. Government and Renewable Energy

Craig Shields, editor of and author of the report, notes: When I first looked at this data, I laughed and said to myself, "Well, the good news is that it won't take... - December 21, 2011

Infographic Controversy: All Forms of Energy on Earth Came from the Big Bang

As important as "renewable energy" is for the long term survival of our planet, it's not a subject that typically incites religious controversy. And yet shortly after the completion... - December 09, 2011

Free Report: Why Planet Earth is Limping Along To Replace Fossil Fuels and Nuclear

By any measure, the world is limping along in an anemic quest to replace fossil fuels with clean energy. 34 years after the U.S. Department of Energy was formed, with the mission to... - November 12, 2011

Infographic: The History of Renewable Energy

We live in a world dominated by oil, a commodity whose true costs are rising every day. Scarcity of cheap oil, spills, lung disease, pollution, wars, and the empowerment of terrorist... - October 14, 2011

5 Reasons Why Cleantech Business Plans Fail to Attract Funding

Does your business plan live up to current expectations? If you're trying to raise investment capital for your cleantech business idea, and you're looking for the easiest, friendliest... - September 23, 2011

China's Investing Big in Renewables - But Why? (Free Report)

Given the variety of independent, critically important reasons for our civilization to wean itself off its dependence on oil and coal, and the upside promise of clean energy, e.g.,... - August 05, 2011

How US Companies Can Build Relationships with China (Free Report)

Clean energy business professionals provide their responses to a survey about doing business in China, while taking into consideration the good and bad that represent one of the world's... - July 15, 2011

Is It Too Late? Living with a World Energy Crisis (Free Report)

WILL POPULATION GROWTH AND ENERGY RESOURCE DEPLETION HAVE DIRE CONSEQUENCES OVER THE COMING YEARS? That is the question this survey report answers, which provides keen insight into...

Craig Shields

Craig Shields

Editor of, author of Renewable Energy - Facts and Fantasies (Clean Energy Press - 2010)

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