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- August 01, 2014

Arizona Public Service Performs 180, Decides to Install Rooftop Solar

Arizona Public Service (APS) decided this week that they would like to get into the rooftop solar business. I think they should too, but not like this. Their proposal is terrible for...

- December 02, 2013

A Tragic Clean Energy Move in New Mexico

The Public Regulation Commission (PRC) in New Mexico (their version of our Arizona Corporation Commission) ruled last week that their utility monopolies would only be required to integrate...

- November 20, 2013

An Open Letter to the Arizona Public Service Company

Dear Chairman and Commissioners: We missed it on this one — not because a fee was implemented or because that fee was too high or too low. We missed it because we didn’t do enough to...

- November 07, 2013

Exposure Taking Toll on Arizona Utility Monopolies

For years we have trusted the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to properly regulate our utility monopolies. This, after all, is what we have elected these officials to do on our...

- October 29, 2013

Middle-class is installing the most solar!? Not just rich people?

Last week, the Center for American Progress, a research and educational institute, released a study [PDF] showing that solar in Arizona utility APS' territory has been obtained many...

- September 24, 2013

First Solar Sides with APS, Encourages Slashing Net Metering

First Solar, one of the world’s largest producers of utility scale solar power plants announced this week that they side with APS in their proposal to slash net metering for residential...

- August 23, 2013

This fight is not about ME.

I can’t stand it anymore. It was cute and funny at first, then it became silly, and now it has gradually become downright obnoxious. I have read countless op-eds, articles, and blog...

- August 13, 2013

Former State Representative Lucy Mason: APS Solar proposal falls short for Arizona

Below is a reproduction of Lucy Mason's response to APS. Mason served Arizona as a member of the Prescott City Council starting in 1997 and then as a member of the Arizona Legislature...

- August 13, 2013

APS's dirty power is subsidized more than green power

The Arizona Republic has shed some light on some of the banter going around regarding solar subsidies. APS claims customers are unfairly subsidizing solar because the clean and renewable...

- August 09, 2013

This pro-solar ad is pretty dramatic. But I still liked it... [VIDEO]

  I am re-posting a pro-solar advertisement below. It was produced by TUSK (Tell Utilities Solar Won't Be Killed), a new organization boisterously against the APS proposals. Solar often...

Dillon Holmes

Dillon Holmes

Born and raised in Phoenix, I am an advocate of sustainability, democratized renewable energy, air that may be safely inhaled by humans, and a planet that is better when I die than it was when I was born. I am an electrical engineer passionately...

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