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- April 14, 2014

Can Hydrogen Fueling Stations Be Far Behind?

This discussion is a sequel to, “Are Hydrogen Fuel Cells Vehicles Dead on Arrival?” What follows is a deeper look at the infrastructure, specifically hydrogen fueling stations, needed...

- November 25, 2013

Are Hydrogen Cars Finally a Reality?

Hydrogen used as an energy carrier or a fuel has the potential to be a renewable, sustainable and practical energy source. Collectively, these energy and environmental benefits will...

- November 24, 2013

Climate Change: The Earth Shall Win, People Shall Lose!

Prologue: To the discredit of the author, this piece offers no solution to the waging of war on climate change. It is merely a reflection on the failure of all efforts to prevent what...

- June 14, 2013

GAO report finds no evidence that fracing contaminates groundwater!

By Ed Ireland, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Director of the Barnett Shale Energy Education Council in Fort Worth, Texas Posted on: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 14:12

- June 10, 2013

What Drives Water and Energy Improvements?

When I started this article, the answer seemed clear. Shockwaves resounded as I drilled down on this rather complex subject. Judgment is tempered on the possibility of a misunderstanding...

- April 24, 2013

The Good and Bad News of the FY 2014 DOE and Renewable Energy Budget Requests to Congress

The good news is the DOE fiscal year (FY) 2014 total Congressional Budget Request of $28.415 billion shows an increase of 5.2% and 8.0% percent increase from the FY 2013 annualize budget...

- April 20, 2013

Financing Advanced Biofuels, Biochemicals and Biopower in Integrated Biorefineries

  PowerPoint presentation posted with permission by Mark J. Riedy, Partner Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo P.C as presented at Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference April...

- April 06, 2013

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Breakthrough?

Compliments of the inventing company. On April 9, 2013, I will be attending a private demonstration of a hydrogen fuel cell using catalytic carbon for producing hydrogen-for-fuel. This...

- April 04, 2013

Was Senator Matsunaga Right About Hydrogen After All?

For those unaware, former U.S. Senator from Hawaii and visionary Spark Masayuki Matsunaga spent 28 years in Congress and passed away on April 15, 1990. Spark was instrumental in passing...

- March 27, 2013

The Good and Bad News of DoE Fiscal Year Budget Request

The good news is the Department of Energy (DoE) FY 2013 budget request of $2,337 million for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programs (EERE) shows a 29 percent increase from...

Barry Stevens

Barry Stevens

Dr. Barry Stevens is Founder and President of TBD America, Inc. a Technology Business Development consulting group serving the public and private sectors in the energy and fuels industries. Barry’s experience in the energy industry spans...

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