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October 26, 2011

Can Renewable Energy Survive in the U.S.?

The renewable energy industry is so much bigger than the US. While we probably won't take a decisive leadership roll in technology development and local RE job creation anytime soon, we will continue to benefit from falling product costs regardless of what incentives we put in place. Of course renewable energy will survive in the US because the cost trajectory of solar PV is going to crush fossil fuels faster than most of us think. For the most part, it won't be US products that we will be installing though.

September 21, 2011

Developers Warm to Small-Scale Geothermal

I've read that the depletion of ground heat in the bore holes over time is not a trivial concern with GSHP systems. For this reason, GSHP system don't typically garner the label of "renewable energy." Any thoughts on coupling solar water heating collectors to the bore holes to replenish ground heat in the summer months?

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