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- April 08, 2014

African Mining Sector Exploring Renewables - Johannesburg Summit Announced

The African mining industry will come together with the global renewable energy sector at the Renewables and Mining Summit this June 23-24 in Johannesburg at the Hilton Sandton. Built...

- January 16, 2014

Ontario renewable energy developers give upbeat (ish) outlook for 2014

In a year-end review and look ahead to 2014 a group of active renewable energy developers share their views on project outlook in Ontario – the future of FIT, the LRP, LTEP and Community...

- August 19, 2013

Who will pay for wind storage?

Who will pay for wind storage? How will storage be procured? How will storage change the wind business model in Canada? What are the current operational experiences of storage for wind?...

- July 04, 2013

Rio Tinto Diavik Mine - Wind project case study download

The mining sector provides a new and growing opportunity for renewable energy developers. Mining operations, faced with rising fuel costs, increasingy remote operations or sites in...

- June 10, 2013

Renewable energy opportunities in the mining sector

The mining industry is facing a major energy challenge brought on rising fuel costs, challenges in securing reliable and affordable electricity, and carbon policy developments. These,...

Adrienne Baker, Canadian Clean Energy Conferences

Adrienne Baker, Canadian Clean Energy Conferences

Adrienne is a director at Canadian Clean Energy Conferences. With degrees from McGill and Concordia, Adrienne Baker spent seven years in financial journalism reporting for and editing several publications including Investor Relations Magazine,...

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