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February 07, 2008

Feed-in Tariff versus Marginal Incentive

Friends- Thank you for the discussion.  Those that think I've got the nature of the German feed-in tariff wrong--could you be more specific?  I'm not sure where you think I'm off track.  The German program collects money from ratepayers and offers very rich, 20 year contracts. And that costs a lot of money.  In CA, $3 bil, 3 GW.  In Germany, they currently pay 44.7 cents (euro) for ground mounted sytems--for 20 years. So assuming the 3GW, and the system receives 4 hrs sun light per day it would generate 12,000,000 kwh per day * 365 days = 4,380,000,000 kwh * 44.7 = 1.98 billion, euro.  Times 20 years = $39.6 euros.  See relevant Photon article, here:

Adam Browning

Adam Browning

Adam Browning is co-founder and Executive Director of Vote Solar, a non-profit organization working to bring solar energy into the mainstream.

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