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- May 17, 2013

US Solar 2013 Halftime Update: Victories and Ongoing Initiatives

2013 is nearly halfway through, so we'd like to share an update of Vote Solar initiatives and notable industry happenings from net metering to innovative financing.

- January 16, 2013

New Study Shows Net Metering Is Financial Benefit, Not Burden, to Ratepayers

For years, we've been making the case that in addition to the environmental benefits, solar also adds value to the grid. How much value? This week, we released a commissioned report...

- January 10, 2013

New York Sun is Rising

Some BIG solar news from New York! Today, in his 2013 State of the State, Governor Andrew Cuomo made some significant solar proposals. Proposals that will work to fundamentally transform...

- March 31, 2011

Salt River Project's Renewable Plans Fall Short of Arizona Standards

Salt River Project, a utility that is not regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission, has launched a public process to revise its voluntary 'Sustainable Portfolio Principles.'

- March 04, 2011

Finding PV's Next Big Cost Reductions

Cost is one of the biggest barriers to bringing solar to scale. Tremendous strides have been made to date -- module prices have come down 50-70% in the past two years alone. Where are...

- October 09, 2008

What Utility Involvement in the Distributed Solar Market Means for the Future of the Solar Industry

Over the past 6 months, utilities across the U.S. have made unprecedented moves into the solar distributed generation market. What are the implications for the solar industry and what...

- February 05, 2008

Feed-in Tariff versus Marginal Incentive

The world owes the German solar program a huge Danke, no question. Germany's feed-in tariff has been the foundation upon which the solar industry's current success was built. But does...

- January 30, 2008

Project Better Place's Announcement is Story of the Year

Renault-Nissan and Project Better Place recently announced a plan to make Israel oil-free by 2010. They are going to do this by building an electric car infrastructure -- vehicles with...

Adam Browning

Adam Browning

Adam Browning is co-founder and Executive Director of Vote Solar, a non-profit organization working to bring solar energy into the mainstream.

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