Wind Power Products & Services

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Renewables - Distance Learning Degree Programme

The Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the Renewables Academy (RENAC) jointly offer a distance learning programme with the chance of obtaining a Masters of Business Administration degree focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency...

Intellinder Absolute Position Sensors enable Parker "smart" cylinders for industrial actuation applications in renewable energy

Intellinder is a combination of a unique positional bar code pattern, etched on the cylinder’s piston rod, and a highly engineered optic reader.  With resolution of up to 0.001” and speeds to 40 inches/sec, integral health monitoring and the ease to incorporate...

Wind Site Assessment Dashboard

Wind Site Assessment Wind Site Assessment Dashboard is a web platform that allows you to view and access AWS Truepower’s high-fidelity wind resource maps and data anywhere you have an Internet connection. Whether you are prospecting for greenfield sites,...

Wind Data Management Dashboard

Wind Data Management Wind Data Management Dashboard is a web platform that allows you to monitor and access your meteorological data securely and conveniently. Whether you have one tower or a fleet of towers, you can view and retrieve: Statistics (mean...

Sunforce Marine Turbine Tower Hardware Kit (600W)

View this product on Capsells at Install the 600 Watt Marine Turbine on your boat or dock. The easiest way to mount your 600W Marine Turbine for sailing Simple to Install Durable...

Sunforce Wind Turbine 30 Ft Tower Kit

View this product on Capsells at An easy to install 30 Ft Wind Tower kit for the 600Watt Wind Turbine. This guy wire supported tower uses lightweight tubing while providing plenty of strength....

Nature Power 400 Watt Wind Generator

To view this product on our site, visit These wind turbines efficiently harness wind energy 24/7. AC output at the wind turbine body ensures you keep the most power possible over the long...

Nature Power 2000 Watt Wind Turbine

To view this product on our site, visit This Off-Grid wind turbine can produce up to 2000 watts of power for free in your own back yard. The wind turbine will produce more power up to 2000...

10 & 15 kVa UPS System Summer Special!

Mitsubishi UPS System Summer Special - 2033C UPS 10kVA / 15kVA SBS-2033C Please contact for pricing!  OFFER CODE: SBS-EJN120 Quantity Discount & Reseller Pricing Available.

SBS-600 Graphical Digital Multimeter

Graphical Digital Multimeter with PC Interface List price: $450   Introductory price: $399 - OFFER CODE: REW14JY   The SBS-600 is an industrial graphical digital multimeter and data logger with trend analysis. It will quickly capture data with real-time...

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