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Meg Cichon - September 19, 2014

Massachusetts City Leads by Example with 1.8-MW Brownfield Solar Project

Today government officials commissioned a 1.8-MW solar project on what is classified as a “superfund” site — an abandoned plot of land that harbored hazardous waste affecting the environment...

Susan Kraemer - September 19, 2014

New Research Improves on Earlier Bird-Killing Turbine Studies

The first-ever study using data from modern wind farms throughout North America finds that avian mortality among most species of small passerines (birds) may be biologically insignificant...

Elisa Wood - September 18, 2014

US Court Decision a Loss for Wind, But Boon for Storage?

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit rejected a claim by Chicago-based Exelon that its Texas Panhandle wind farms are entitled to favorable pricing. The wind farms sell power...

Bruce Dorminey - September 16, 2014

Underwater Compressed Air Energy Storage: Fantasy or Reality?

Underwater Compressed Air Energy Storage (UW-CAES) — a step beyond underground energy storage in caverns — may soon offer conventional utilities a means of long-duration load shifting...

Bloomberg News Editors - September 12, 2014

India Makes Plans To Spur More Renewable Energy Development

India plans to ask power generators to invest in clean-energy projects as Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks to accelerate the nation’s shift away from the troubled coal industry.

Elisa Wood - September 10, 2014

Obama’s International Climate Strategy: More Grease for Renewables

It was good news for renewable energy when President Barack Obama in June proposed carbon dioxide restrictions on existing power plants. It is even better news now that he may use the...

Bloomberg News Editors - September 09, 2014

Norway May Miss Out on $6 Billion Wind Power Boom

Norway, which aims to triple wind capacity by the end of the decade, has erected one turbine for every seven installed in Sweden since the countries signed a pact to share renewable...

Bloomberg News Editors - September 09, 2014

Scotland Independence Could Put $23 Billion of Renewable Projects at Risk

A vote for independence in Scotland may halt work on renewable power projects that support 14 billion pounds ($23 billion) of investment and 12,000 jobs by raising questions about how...

Bloomberg News Editors - September 05, 2014

China Clean Energy Defaults Loom Amid Record Debt Loads

President Xi Jinping’s clean-energy strategy is suffering more growing pains as China’s renewables companies face record bond repayments and Sinovel Wind Group Co. said it may struggle...

David Appleyard - September 04, 2014

UK Offshore Wind Installations Forecast to Soar

New analysis reveals that the UK continues to lead the global market in terms of offshore wind power capacity, with significant growth forecast through 2020 and set to drive installations...

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