Wind Power Opinion & Commentary

Laurie Guevara-Stone - November 19, 2014

A Small Town in Germany Becomes a Testing Ground for a Smart Grid

A small German town in southern Bavaria is participating in an interesting experiment proving that a high-renewables future is viable. Wildpoldsried (pop. 2,600) currently produces...

Diane Kukich - November 14, 2014

Wind Energy Fellowships: Renewable Energy Credits Are Supporting Education

The wind turbine on the University of Delaware’s Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes has yielded many benefits in its first four years of operation, including generating clean energy for...

Conor Trujillo - November 13, 2014

Winter Is Coming! Five Ways the Changing Seasons Impact Renewable Energy

In many parts of the northern hemisphere, the leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and winter is just around the corner. Many people pay attention to the turning of the seasons...

Scott Sklar - November 06, 2014

US Midyear Elections Offer Opportunities and Challenges for Renewable Energy

Every time the U.S. holds midyear elections, the country almost always goes against the incumbent President’s party, which is always sobering to whomever holds The White House. And...

Chet Lyons - November 05, 2014

Energy Storage Will Soon Replace Simple Cycle Combustion Turbine Peaker Plants

Power grids need extra generating capacity to work properly. For example, about 20 percent of New York State’s generation fleet runs less than 250 hours a year. Because they don’t run...

Tom Konrad - November 03, 2014

Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2014: Spooky October

October was a spooky month for clean energy stocks. My benchmark Powershares Wilderhill Clean Energy Index (PBW) cringed down 2.9 percent like the young Supergirl who jumped when a...

Tom Konrad - October 31, 2014

Power REIT: Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I first became interested in Power REIT (NYSE MKT:PW) in 2012 because of the company's plans to become what would have been the first US-listed "yieldco," i.e. a clean energy power...

- October 27, 2014

Batteries Are a Crucial Component of Our Energy Portfolio

People take batteries for granted, typically worrying about them only when they fail in the electronic devices they carry or in the cars they drive.

Alex Nicolson - October 23, 2014

The Next Revolution: Discarding Dangerous Fossil Fuel Accounting Practices

The green revolution and, in particular, renewable energy products such as solar power, wind turbines, geothermal and algae-based fuels are not waiting for viable technology — it already...

Kate Sinding - October 22, 2014

New Poll: New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Support Fracking Moratorium — And Clean Energy

Last month, NRDC engaged a nationally recognized opinion research firm to conduct polling in New York State to evaluate public attitudes about fracking and clean energy. Importantly,...

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