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Charles Thurston - October 30, 2014

SunEdison Wins Big in Two Indian States

SunEdison has just made back-to-back announcements of large solar project wins in India, a 5 GW MOU from the Rajasthan State government, and a 150 MW award from Karnataka Renewable...

Gregory B. Poindexter - October 30, 2014

Opposition to Proposed Hydroelectric 260-MW Stung Cheay Areng Dam in “Biodiversity Jewel” of Southeast Asia

Using Chinese-backed funding, 260-MW Stung Cheay Areng Dam in Cheay Areng Valley, Cambodia, along the Mekong Delta is planned for an area that is often referred to as a “biodiversity...

Charles Thurston - October 30, 2014

SolarWorld Boosts Manufacturing in Oregon

U.S. solar panel industry leader SolarWorld today announced plans to increase capacity from 380 MW to 530 MW, and to boost advanced cell manufacturing capacity at its Hillsboro, Oregon...

Paul Hockenos - October 30, 2014

German Experts Lock Horns over Storage

Until recently, the going orthodoxy among supporters of Germany’s Energiewende, or clean energy transition, was that storage capacity for electricity was vital to expanding renewables...

Bloomberg News Editors - October 29, 2014

Are Environmental Regulations Causing US Utility Bills to Surge?

U.S. electricity markets face years of higher prices as clean-air regulations shut more coal-fired power plants than earlier forecast, cutting supply and forcing producers to rely more...

Bloomberg News Editors - October 29, 2014

Poor Nations Go for Solar, Wind at Twice the Pace of Rich Ones

Emerging markets are installing renewable energy projects at almost twice the rate of developed nations, a report concluded.

Bloomberg News Editors - October 29, 2014

China Racing To Install Wind Power Before Government Subsidies Run Out

China is on course this year to build four times the total wind power installed in all of Denmark as developers push to build the turbines ahead of cuts to incentives originally designed...

- October 29, 2014

GRDA Celebrates 50 Years of Hydroelectricity at the 130-MW Robert S. Kerr Dam (Video)

“Grand indeed,” is what many attendees said while in attendance at the Grand River Dam Authority’s 130-MW Robert S. Kerr Dam at Lake Hudson in Mayes County, north of Locust Grove, Okla....

Jennifer Runyon - October 28, 2014

From Ashes to Energy: $1 Billion Alevo Battery Factory Surges On the Scene

Having worked in stealth mode for the past 10 years, German researchers and serial entrepreneur Jostein Eikeland have developed a new battery chemistry that they claim is non-combustible...

Bloomberg News Editors - October 28, 2014

US Solar Boom Boosts European Manufacturers REC and Solarworld

Solarworld AG and REC Solar ASA are benefiting from a boom in solar-energy installations in the U.S. that outweigh a decline in their European home markets.

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