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Elizabeth Ingram - March 26, 2015

2014 Record Year For Columbia River Salmon, Concerns Raised

Salmon returns in the Columbia River, counted at Bonneville Dam, were the largest in 2014 than in any year since 1938, when fish counting began at the site, according to the Northwest...

Bloomberg News Editors - March 26, 2015

Clean Energy Makes Up Record Share of UK Power with Coal-to-Biomass Conversions

U.K. electricity from low-carbon sources accounted for almost a quarter of the country’s generation in the fourth quarter as Drax Group Plc converted a second coal-power plant to burn...

Nicholas Keyes - March 25, 2015

The Renewable Electricity Grid: The Future Is Now

Even a few years ago, renewable energy played only a small role in most countries’ energy planning. While governments and publics were eager to increase the share of renewables in their...

Meg Cichon - March 25, 2015

SunEdison Recruits Imergy Flow Batteries for Microgrid Rural Electrification Initiative

Earlier this year, SunEdison announced a goal to bring power to 20 million people in rural India by 2020. To forward this mission, it announced today that it will use more than 1,000...

Michael Harris - March 24, 2015

Leaders Sign "Declaration of Principles" for 6,000-MW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Hydropower Project

Leaders from Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia have signed an agreement to end a long-time dispute regarding the controversial 6,000-MW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance hydropower plant.

Bloomberg News Editors - March 24, 2015

Cheap Batteries Under the Hood Add Power to Cut Fuel Consumption

Next-generation hybrid cars combining electric and gas power in new ways are emerging as a low-cost alternative for consumers as batteries get cheaper and more efficient.

Bloomberg News Editors - March 24, 2015

Beijing to Shut All Major Coal Power Plants to Cut Pollution

Beijing, where pollution averaged more than twice China’s national standard last year, will close the last of its four major coal-fired power plants next year.

Bloomberg News Editors - March 23, 2015

Hanergy Opens 60 Stores in China to Broaden Solar Sales Channel

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd., the Chinese solar power-equipment maker controlled by billionaire Li Hejun, opened 60 retail stores and “user experience centers” across the nation...

Bloomberg News Editors - March 20, 2015

Developer Pursues Floating Solar Projects in US

Solar Power Inc., a renewable-energy developer backed by China’s LDK Solar Co., is joining with Aqua Clean Energy to develop floating solar projects in the U.S. and Mexico.

Bloomberg News Editors - March 20, 2015

Tidal Lagoon’s Next Plant May Produce Power on Par with Nuclear

The U.K. company planning the world’s first tidal-lagoon power station said its next plant may generate electricity at almost half the price.

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