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- 5 hours ago

The Detroit Power Outage: A Lesson for Cities about Microgrids

The Detroit Power Outage brought eight hours of hardship to Detroit on Dec. 2 — hardship that could have been averted with microgrids.

Listen Up: What Influences People to Install Rooftop Solar?

Ahhh. The Holy Grail of Customer Acquisition. Maybe it's low price ... great company reputation ... special technology ... brand name products ... ubiquitous marketing? I've tried all...

John Moore - December 19, 2014

Transforming the Grid with Clean Energy — Reliably — Every Day

Despite years of successful experience, dozens of studies, and increasing utility support for clean energy, urban myth holds that electricity from renewable energy is unreliable. Yet...

Nick Blitterswyk - December 18, 2014

Solar Tariffs: Throttling America's Biggest Job Creation Machine

The U.S. Department of Commerce just announced that it will add high tariffs for solar modules imported from China. The Canadian government is also investigating the adoption of similar...

Pierre Bull - December 17, 2014

Report Shows Which States Excel and Lag in Promoting Solar Energy

Knowledge is power, or at least the first step toward it.

- December 15, 2014

Renewable Energy Matchmaking: Newest Key to Reaching 2020 Sustainability Goals

The siren call of 2020 corporate environmental sustainability goals is quickly getting louder, as corporate leaders realize they must go further today to achieve their sustainability...

Clint Wilder - December 08, 2014

In Clean Energy, Macro Trends Trump Midterm Political Winds

Let's review some notable news headlines from the month of November.

Tom Cheyney - December 04, 2014

Can Solar Companies Really Be Called ‘High-tech’?

Despite the ongoing incremental improvements in conversion efficiencies and cost reduction taking place in the solar manufacturing community, it would be a stretch to call most of the...

Merrian Borgeson - December 03, 2014

Leaked Internal Presentation Details the Oil Industry's Campaign to Stop Clean Energy

The Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) — whose members include Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips, BP, and others — was caught red-handed late last month when a leaked...

Sheryl Carter - December 02, 2014

Energy Efficiency and Renewables Are Lowest Risk/Cost Investments for Utilities

A new report by utility and finance experts contains positive news for the environment, our air and our (and our utilities’) pocketbooks — the economics of electric power resources...

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